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Chick Flicks Essay

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Do chick flicks give woman unrealistic expectations? The solemn purpose of these movies are to sooth a woman’s soul mainly dealing with love and romance that usually target a female audience. They are typically heavy in emotion and are relationship-based; for example, A Walk to Remember. However, there’s more to it. Woman use romantic movies as a form of catharsis, to give innocent men a break from their emotional girlfriends, and to satisfy a women’s mind by giving them higher, often unrealistic expectations.
Catharsis is the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from strong or repressed emotions. All women experience this, even if they don’t want to admit it. This is just a ...view middle of the document...

Your mind needs to open up some windows and let some fresh air and sunlight in. By never letting off this steam, someone is going to get a beating, and no one wants that. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher and teacher of Alexander the Great, states that catharsis is a concept of both the medical and psychological sense. He points out that watching a tragedy of some kind makes women feel better which has a corrective and healing effect. He also states that catharsis is influenced a lot by music (as well) and says, “’In Politics, all experience a certain purge and pleasant relief…cathartic melodies give innocent joy to men’ (Aristotle, 2001, p. 1131).” This leads to the man’s point of view on romantic comedies.
Men are all different. Some like chick flicks, others don’t. However, this shouldn’t even be a question for the male species. Obviously, yeah they don’t have to call over their guy friends and say, “Hey dudes, let’s watch a chick-flick,” but they could at least appreciate the fact that chick-flicks are on their side. Can you imagine a life without chick-flicks? Men would be extremely exhausted trying to keep the love of their life happy 24/7. The biggest reason why men do not like chick flicks is because it brings out emotion that they do not want a woman to see. Not only do they feel extremely uncomfortable when those emotion are rising to the surface, but they do not want those feelings rising inside of them. However, if a man ever felt overwhelmed with sadness, all they would want to do is crack a joke that would of course deflect the feeling. Turning in their man card is the last thing they want to do. Michael Taylor wrote an article called, Why Men Hate Chick Flicks. In it he states,
“…When you avoid emotions at all cost, as I once did, you also tend to avoid romantic comedies (aka ‘chick flicks’)… This is a man’s greatest challenge, to get in touch with his feelings and not be afraid to express them openly and honestly. So if you happen to be one of those guys that are afraid of watching chick flicks, ask yourself these questions: Are you uncomfortable expressing your emotions? Are you afraid that you might not be able to hold back the tears of sadness or joy? Are you so insecure in your masculinity that you simply refuse to even consider checking out a chick flick? Are you afraid of being called names such as; wimp, cry baby, or Mr. Sentimental? Are you more concerned about what other people versus what you truly feel…Whatever your reason for avoiding chick flicks, just accept the fact that it does not make you less of a man by watching a movie. Know that real men are comfortable with their emotions and have no difficulty expressing them. They aren’t afraid of checking out a chick flick every now and then because not only does it keep them in check with their emotions, it also helps them feel closer to their spouses…Just Remember, it’s just a movie and sometimes BIG BOYS DO CRY...”
What a great article! All men should always take...

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