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Chicken Noodle Essay

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John Locke and Thomas Hobbes are some of the most influential philosophers. Their works have impacted the ideas of society, government and the nature of men. The most obvious similarity between these two men is that they were both contractarians, meaning that they believed there was a mutual agreement among people in a society that allowed them to work together in order to improve their way of life. Both of these men valued this idea greatly as it is a major idea behind much of their philosophical ideals, but they have contrasting visions on the nature of men and how their nature effected the social contract. Hobbes has a pessimistic view on life, believing that men live to benefit ...view middle of the document...

Humans have an insatiable desire for power due to the world we live in. In short, we only do what is good for the individual. He feels that nature is the great equalizer for men, as no matter how great an individual can be, he can be destroyed by any other man.
Initially, Hobbes and Locke agree on similar aspect of nature. This aspect is that in the state of nature private property does not exist, but Locke deviant from this idea as he does believe that a man owns his labour. If a man were to use his labour in a way to change nature, such as making a farm, then it has become his property. The difference that Locke hold is that humans have knowledge of the rules in a state of nature. He believes that they know right from wrong and that they He believes that people are rational and look to coexist in order benefit each other. He believes God had given this planet in order to benefit humans, but that does not mean we deserve to be greedy. He believes you ca only own what one needs and that taking someone else’s labour is an injustice and that does not belong in the state of nature. He does not believe that the sate of nature is simply a ruleless, dog-eat-dog world, but one that has justice. He feels humans are capable of understanding what is right and wrong and they often act according to this. He feels we are social animals, who generally strive to work together. They see what is lawful, but they do not always act using this knowledge. He believes that law of nature is generally peaceful, but it is not stable.
Locke’s views this begs the question: If the state of nature is peaceful, then why was the social contract born? He believes that although the state of nature is peaceful, injustice still exists. He believes people accept the social contract because they wish to have protection over what they own and for justice to be a defined by a set of laws. We submit the rights of complete freedom of choice in order to obtain impartial justice so that we can remain safe from injustices. Hobbes views the idea of the social justice in a much different view. He believes that the social contract is an unnatural monster that exists in order to control the population. He believes the only reason we agree to the rights we give up is because it is a “design of men … is the introduction of that restraint upon themselves … is the foresight of their own preservation”. He is saying that that laws and justice exist in an effort to keep us from killing each other. He believes that the selfishness of man is so strong that it will lead us to an inevitable doom and that a social contract is an attempt to keep men from reaching this point. The system also keeps us from breaking these contracts because if we break these contracts, there is always consequences that enforce us to keep fitting into our roles. Some of these consequences can be extremely dire due to the fact that these contracts give the ruler an overwhelming force. These people must simply accept the wills...

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