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Child Abduction: The Incredible Truth Essay

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In the twenty first century statistics have proven that stranger abductions are feared most by parents but rarely happen, and the number one abduction that occurs is, parental abduction. “Over 800,000 children are reported missing in the United States each year. Child abduction is a tragedy that devastates parents and touches all of us,” writes Jenny Wanderscheid in her online article. The United States has feared abductions for over decades, but many people misjudge the stereotypical “abduction”.
Child abduction or child theft is the unauthorized removal of a minor (a child under the age of legal adulthood) from the custody of the child's natural parents or legally appointed guardians. ...view middle of the document...

The most surprising fact about child abductions is the most common is abduction by a parent or guardian. Although, abduction by strangers is the one that causes public hysteria, new public policies, and changes in parental approaches to childrearing. Reports of missing children have increased six fold in the past 25 years. In 2001 about half of the 800,000 missing children cases involved runaways. Another 200,000 were reported to have been abducted by a parent. Only about 100 of the missing child reports each year turn out to be a stranger abduction. Nearly 90 percent of abductors are men and they sexually assault their victims in half of their cases. A 2002 a family abducted children by relationship type chart was created. The data that was collected was, father 53.4%, mother 24.8%, stepfather 1.6%, sister .9%, uncle 2.9%, Aunt 1.5%, grandfather 6.7%, grandmother 6.6%, and mother’s boyfriend 1.6%. The percentage of children taken by strangers is not calculated accurately since stranger abductions vary in murders, ransom, and survivals.
Predators may use many deceiving lies to lure in children. Ken Wooden lists the 17 Lure Predators May Use to Exploit Children. Number one on the list is The Affection Lure, which pedophiles use when taking advantage of normal tensions between teenagers and parents who face issues at home like divorce, substance abuse or neglect. Number two is The Pet Lure, the famous quote would be, “Can you help me look for a ‘lost puppy’”. Number three is The Assistance Lure which appeals to children when predators asking for directions or a helping hand. Number four is The Authority Lure, this one would be for coaches, scout leaders, clergy or a relative. Number five is The Bribery Lure which is the famous predator lure. This lure appeals to children because predators are usually offering candy, toys, CD’s, drugs money, etc. Number six is the Ego/Fame Lure in which youngsters are offered an immediate audition or private tryout and told to keep it a secret from their parents. Number seven is the Emergency Lure which predators trick youngsters by faking a crisis. Number eight is the Fun & Games which abductors place children in handcuffs, ropes, duct tape or other restraints. Number nine the Hero Lure in which predators exploit their hero status. Number ten in The Job Lure this one mainly pertains to college and high school students who may enter a phony interview and are often hired to be at a sketchy location. The other seven lures are not as common as the top ten. Abductors use these or forceful lures to capture children. In Jaycee Dugard’s horrifying abduction, her abducter struck her with a stun gun to capture and take her for eighteen years.
When children are kept captive they are not kept in a loving environment most of the time. When children are taken they are kept as...

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