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Child Abuse Essay

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Child AbuseChild Abuse is the worst thing a child can go through, not only on the flesh, but alsoon the entire structure of the mind. (Coles, 1991.) Child Abuse has become a majorworldwide issue that can no longer be ignored. In this paper I will be discussingemotional, physical and sexual abuse as well as neglect I will also be exploringhistorical approaches to abuse, some of the reasons why children are abused as well asthe impact it has on a child's development. Ways to prevent abuse will also be discussedand examined.The mistreatment of children is deeply entrenched in history. Violence is a reflectionof patriarchal tradition (Mandell, 2001) The mistreatment of children through ...view middle of the document...

They would merely assume that the child was notbeing obedient and was asking to be hit. They would never think that maybe thechild was innocent. Also, the feeling in past centuries was that discipline was needed tokeep the child in line. It was also believed that the child could control or change hisenvironment through his own efforts (Dolan, 1980.) A child could control or change hisbehaviour by being obedient and subservient to his parents or employer.Since Child Abuse is such a large problem, it is important to know the various types ofabuse and the consequences associated with each. Neglect is the most predominant typeof abuse. It is defined as the failure to provide the child with the basic necessitiesof life. Some examples of neglect include the failure to attend to a special need, refusalof love or warmth and abandonment. There are four types of neglect. These typesinclude physical, emotional, educational and moral neglect. Physical neglect is refusal ordelay of medical treatment, abandonment and adequate supervision.Emotional neglect is characterized, as not responding to a child's emotional needs.Making the child feel weak and inferior as well as not being there could do this couldemotionally scar the child. Educational neglect includes not letting a child thatis of school age to go to school, as well as allowing truancy and failure to attend to aspecial need.Moral neglect is allowing the child to wander the streets at all hours of the night aswell as allowing him or her to consume illegal substances such as alcohol and cigarettes.Beatings as well as neglect appear to go hand in hand. When one thinks of abuse the firstthing that comes to mind is a severely injured child or one that does not get an adequateamount of attention. However, sometimes just ignoring the child is enough to inflictserious damage. When a child is suffering from neglect or physical abuse, they may turnto other negative influences. Even though the child may be in danger, he or she does notcare because at least they are getting the attention that they do not receive at home.Physical abuse is defined as an act that results in non-accidental injury or traumain which a child is the victim. Physical abuse is the easiest form of abuse to detect andthus may be the easiest to stop. This type of abuse goes beyond hitting. It is more severeand can permanently injure a child. There are various ways in which a child can bephysically abused. Some include the use of whips, chains, pouring scalding substanceson the child and throwing them down a flight of stairs. Physical abuse used to be referredto as "Battered Child Syndrome" (Dolan, 1980.) The name is taken from the fact that theinjuries are due to twisting, throwing or knocking the child around. Injuries includebruises, as well as a combination of fractures to the arms and legs (Dolan, 1980.) Also,x-rays tend to show that the abuse has been repetitive since bones have not healedproperly. Physical abuse is more severe to those...

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