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Child abuse has been a prevalent issue with numerous health problems and environmental concerns connected to it. In recent decades, child abuse has become more prominent with aspects including those of a physical nature, emotional nature, social nature and a sexual nature. There have been significant observations having to do with, more specifically, physical child abuse. Physical child abuse is generally defined as the presence of a non-accidental injury resulting from acts of commission by an adult (Kelly, 1983). It is mainly characterized by blatant scars and marks caused by physical violence or punishment under extreme conditions. I am going to evaluate three different websites on the long-term effects of physical child abuse on children.

Robin Malinosky-Rummell from West Virginia University, and David J. Hansen from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln are the authors of the first website (
The authors seem to have a very profound understanding of the topic they discuss in their article. They cover every aspect of the effects of child abuse, ranging from individual factors to long-term consequences. They also included data from research and experiments conducted by other researchers. Digital commons at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, supports the article and it was last revised on November 2, 2013. A very significant observation about the article is the amount of sources cited, including in-text citations and references, which implies that you can check the accuracy of and the support for what was written. Also, I noticed how the authors managed to avoid bias in their article. Their research was well calculated and based on experiences, conducted experiments and conducted studies. Although they based their studies mainly on the adult population, they conducted a concise amount of research on children and adolescents as well. Through this article, the authors also steer away from views of political, religious and other types of perspectives, making it purely educational.

The website is well organized with no external advertisements or anything that would make it look less credible. The website can be for general knowledge, but its main purpose is to provide scholarly information. They explain in-depth some variables that affect the relationship between physical child abuse and the long-term consequences. The article ends with suggestions for future research on long-term consequences and variables that may affect these outcomes (Hansen & Rummell, 1993). Although the article on this website is very current, the presentation and organization of facts, statistics and ideas are set up in a good logical manner. Source and reference materials are complete and ready to be verified if need be. This website is a reliable source of information on the particular topic.

Eva‐Maria Annerbäck is the author of the second website...

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