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Child Abuse And Maltreatment Essay

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Child maltreatment is described as any form of physical harm towards an individual, neglect, emotional, physical, and or sexual abuse which may result in injuries or could emotionally harm a child (Echlin, 1995). Children who have been victims of abused normally display patterns of maladaptive behaviors (Echlin, 1995). Even though some behaviors are frequently seen in most children at one point , when they are prevalent and long-lasting, rather than isolated and temporary they may designate child abuse (Echlin, 1995). Children whom have been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused could fall into four broad categories, described by their behaviors (Echlin, 1995). Maltreated children may be overly obedient, tremendously aggressive, display excessively adaptive behaviors, and may experience straggling in their development (Echlin, 1995). Additional general behaviors that differentiate abused children including: incapability to form trust worthy relationships with individuals, responsibility setback, thoughts of suicide, low self esteem, having trouble with learning new things, oppositional or behavioral disorders such as a child rebelling, running away from home, being dishonest, and shoplifting (Echlin, 1995). Children who are non-abused but witness another individual being abused, display symptoms similar to those who have been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused (Echlin, 1995). Studies have revealed that exposure to abuse may affect an individual and result in internalizing behavioral problems such as depression, low self esteem and extraction and externalizing behavior problems such as rebelling, hyperactivity, and criminal behavior (Echlin, 1995). In the book Children of Battered Women the authors Wolfe and Wilson describe the distressing effect that witnessing or experiencing abuse can have on a child's cognitive, emotional, social, and physical health. (Echlin, 1995). The authors of the book state that a child's response to abuse depends on their gender, age, developmental stage and responsibility in their family (Echlin, 1995). They recognize additional factors that affect the child's...

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2817 words - 11 pages , 2012). According to McIntyre, Soczynska, Mancini, Lam, Woldeyohannes, Moon, & Kennedy (2008), it was reported that the association between a history of physical or sexual abuse as a child or adolescent has effected adults in various variables such as illness, comorbidity, and prior suicide attempts. The development of a child into an adult can be greatly altered if exposure to child abuse is persistent in their lives. Since child maltreatment not

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1464 words - 6 pages ; children are affected socially, mentally, and emotionally. According to the American National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse, in 1997, neglect represented 54% of confirmed cases of child abuse, physical abuse 22%, sexual abuse 8%, emotional maltreatment 4%, and other forms of maltreatment 12%. Physical abuse is defined as physical aggression directed at a child by an adult. It can involve kicking, striking, shoving, slapping, burning

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2330 words - 10 pages :// Weisel, D. L. (2005). Analyzing repeat victimizations. In The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (Ed.), Problemoriented guides for police: Problem- solving tool series. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice. Widom, C.S., & Kuhns, J.B. (1996). Childhood victimization and subsequent risk for promiscuity, prostitution, and teenage pregnancy: A prospective study. American Journal of Public Health, 86, 1607-1610. Zielinski, D. S. (2009). Child maltreatment and adult socioeconomic wellbeing. Child Abuse & Neglect, 33, 666–678.

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1851 words - 8 pages ). These numbers demand the public’s attention. The pain of just one child should be more than enough to cause a person to jump up and help, much less the pain of more than six thousand children. The U.S. Department of Justice calls children the “perfect victim” for six major reasons. Firstly, since children are typically not emotionally or physically mature, they will try to avoid talking about the abuse. The second reason that they provide is that

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