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Child Abuse Affect Adult Relationships Essay

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Several parents do not realize the damage they cause their children when they allow them to witness abuse going on in the home. A parent’s job is to protect their children and to keep them from anything that will hurt or harm them in any way. In my opinion, child abuse is one of the main leading causes that destroy children mentally. A child affected by child abuse will definitely suffer with relationship and depression issues. Once a child experience child abuse, this will never leave them, and it will make their adult life very miserable.
According to the General Public, child abuse is one of the main leading causes to destruction within children. Child abuse creates a lack of confidence ...view middle of the document...

Victims of child abuse try to do whatever they can to keep the memories of being abused in the back of their mind. And most times, it’s always a negative route they chose to go down. The negative route will ease and dull their pain, and give them a quick fix to ease their pain. According to, “How Childhood Abuse Can Manifest in Adult Relationships,” it affirms that “Victims of childhood abuse are more likely to: Suffer from depression, have suicidal thoughts, abuse drugs and alcohol, develop at least one psychiatric disorder, such as an eating disorder or panic disorder, grapple with relationship issues, and become abusers themselves” (Berman). Basically, Berman is saying that, anytime a child suffer from any type of child abuse, they are likely to develop some kind of negative habit to relieve them of the pain it has caused. Although child abuse may seem of concern to only a small group of people, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about children and their wellbeing.
It is often said that, victims of child abuse have difficulty showing love, and expressing intimacy towards their mate. It’s not an intentional act for them to not show love, but due to the scars they bare of child abuse, it causes them to reject any type of affection shown or given to them. Based on Kleinschmidt’s theory, it demonstrates, “For example, a woman who grew up with an emotionally distant, depressed mother, may fear the closeness and intimacy in relationships. As a result, she may push others away, acting on her childhood feeling of rejection and abandonment” (2014). Kleinschmidt’s point is that, an abused victim will more than likely always reject any kind of affection. Showing affection and receiving affection...

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