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Child Abuse And Drug Addicted Babies

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Colton Woodbury
Mrs. Armbrust
English 1
23 March, 2014
Child abuse and drug addicted babies
“How many do you think get abused per day?”, what if I told you that more than three million children under the age of 18 die each day due to child abuse and neglect. People think that child abuse isn’t that big of a deal, but as facts say, child abuse is increasing do to the facts of the abused not getting the help they need and turning themselves into the abusers (Perry) (Muscogee County Sheriff's office). Drug addicted babies are also a big problem in the United States, not merely as many die but basically tortured and grow up to be at a poorer physical and mental standard. As they grow up, they are approximately average until the age of four and then from there on out they just start to deplete in their motor skills, they basically become mentally and physically stupid. (Kronstadt, 2013)

Child abuse can come in many shapes in forms. There are four different kinds of abuse that I will be encountering in my research paper; they are physical, mental, emotional, and neglect. Most abuse is from neglect and net from physical. The category under physical also brings in the sexual abuse. (Do Something) Drug addicted babies also can qualify under the category of emotional and mental category. Two of the main questions in this paper are what is child abuse and what are drug addicted babies lives like. It turns out that babies lives do get affected majorly after the age of four, we’ll learn more about that later though. (Kronstadt, 2013)

Why is child abuse so common you might ask. There are many answers, but the best one that research could come up with is that when the abused don’t get the help that they need to have, they more than often become the abuses and then when they abuse their children, their children become the abusers and it just turns out to be a really long chain of families and generations. (Perry) As statistics show,
child abuse is becoming more
and more common as we
proceed throughout the years
and if nothing helps the people
that are getting abused, abuse
will just keep on happening.
Another reason why child abuse
is getting to be so common
because it is one of the major (Figure 1) shows the rate of child abuse increasing from the problems in the U.S. that gets years 1998 through2010 --most recent Found
over looked. In other words nobody cares anymore about what happens to their children as long as nobody knows about what is happening to them.

Drug addicted babies are also one of the major problems in the U.S. that needs to stop. Throughout the years children...

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