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Child Abuse And Poverty Essay

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Throughout the course of history, millions of children have been victims of physical abuse; it has been shown that the effects of this abuse can profoundly influence ones mental and physical health in the span of his or hers life.
Although child abuse has soon become a more discussed issue, it is nothing new in today’s society. Dating back to ancient times, physical child abuse has always attributed to lives of people around the world. Approaching and understanding child mistreatment has changed as societies have modernized and progressed; whereas one thing remains an unalterable issue, child abuse happens constantly and continuously worldwide.
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Parents also may not hurt their child or deprive him or her of the necessities of life (Giovannoni and Becerra 47).
As legal systems have advanced to better a child’s safety and consequences have enhanced on those who perform acts of child abuse, the issue remains as to why physical child abuse still continuously happens. Although there are no acceptable answers, ideas and reasons have been brought up over time to justify ones act of physical child abuse. Many justifications are results of instability in a parental figures livelihood.
Family situations in which both parents are under mass amounts of stress and must work tediously to make ends meet are often inclined to have victims of child abuse in the home. Often because of troubled times economically parents reach a breaking point and enforce their anger onto his or her child, beating them physically. In many cases, parents take “teaching their child a lesson” to very high extremes, using the act of discipline to mask an act of physical child abuse. While many parents abuse under stress and frustration, some are too young or immature to handle the responsibilities of a child; not containing the capacity or patience to care for a young one often ends in abuse. As seen there many cases in which guardians cannot handle the tasks of parenthood, leading to acts of abuse. Whereas, there are also many cases in which parents suffer from disorders, increasing the probability of child abuse in a home.
According to studies done by D. Kempe, of Michigan State University, only five to ten percent of abusers are mentally ill, although it is still apparent that parents who suffer from forms of psychopathology are at an increased risk of performing acts of physical...

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