Child Abuse Defines, Describes And Explains Child Abuse

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Running head: CHILD ABUSEChild AbuseSpring 2009Child AbuseChild abuse and neglect occur in every state, province and territory, in large cities, small towns and rural areas. Child abuse is defined as the physical or emotional or sexual mistreatment of children (University, 2009). Each day in the United States four children die as a result of child abuse in the home. That is more than 1,400 children a year and most of these children are under the age of four (Childhelp, 2009). Over the recent past, there has been a growing recognition of child physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. This recognition has led to research in finding long-term effects of abuse ...view middle of the document...

Not only does it distract from their learning, but it can also take away from the teacher's efforts on him/her as well as the entire class that student is in. The extent of this issue does not just stop there; rather, statistics show that it is on the rise. There are no specific causes of child abuse on any given child, but some experts believe that child abuse is a result of the inequalities of power between children and adults.Emotional abuse "includes unreasonable demands put on a child that are beyond his/her capabilities and may include persistent teasing, belittling, or verbal attacks" (Farmer, 1989). Emotional neglect can be in many forms as well. Rejecting the child is one form. This is when caretakers refuse to acknowledge the children's worth or emotional need. More types of emotional abuse are terrorizing the child and corrupting the child.Dirty and unfit homes are a form of child neglect. Homes that are dirty are health hazards, including the presence drugs and alcohol. When a parent or guardian uses drugs or alcohol to an excess, it makes them emotionally unavailable to the child. There is also the risk of a child coming into contact with a substance that could cause serious harm. If a child ingests such a substance a caretaker may refuse to get medical attention that is needed, therefore resulting in medical neglect. Abandonment is also neglect when a parent or guardian rejects the obligations of parenthood.Child abuse can have devastating consequences. Researchers have found that it can affect the child's life and family in many ways, not only the physical affects, but long term effects later in life. Lacking attentiveness in school and increased hostile tendencies were both found in physically abused...

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