Child Abuse In Society, A Prevalent Concern Today

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Child abuse is a prevalent concern in today’s society that is often misunderstood or neglected. Children among all social classes and age suffer physical, emotional, and sexual abuse on a regular basis. Adolescents frequently suffer from physical and emotional effects as a consequence of their parents’ abuse. Kids suffer from anxiety towards their own homes and parents for the fear of abuse or neglect. This abuse is understood to primarily be in the homes of uneducated or unfortunate parents. However, child abuse surpasses all racial, cultural, religious, and economic boundaries. Many upper class households have an unexposed way of conduct that others would never suspect. Parents that have the state of mind to harm a child, no matter what their social standing is, will do so. Research proves that child abuse is not only in poverty stricken, or uneducated homes, but occurring in all social ranks.
Child abuse occurs daily in all social classes of society. Each year fatalities in youth increase. On average, four to seven kids die daily from prolonged neglect and abuse (National). Kids from the time they are born to four years of age are more likely to die from this physical abuse (Statistics). Infants, toddlers, children, and teenagers could all be victims. About forty-nine percent of boys and fifty-one percent of girls are victims (National). Although the numbers are close, girls are abused quite more often. Child abuse and neglect have many different forms including physical, emotional, and sexual mistreatment. Physical abuse is common in all homes, rich and poor. Injuries, death, or mental health issues are effects of physical harm. “While physical abuse might be the most visible, other types of abuse, such as emotional abuse and neglect, also leave deep, lasting scars.” Emotional abuse is a form that commonly gets overlooked. Individuals do not see emotional abuse to be a dominant harm to children and it goes unreported. Neglect and emotional abuse are similar by causing harm by words or lack thereof. Sexual abuse is also an underlying problem today, but is often a secret affair. Most cases of abuse reported are from someone they know or have a relationship with. Child abuse can happen at any given time in a child’s life. Toddlers to teenagers are all victims of this abuse. Shaken Baby Syndrome is an effect of early age physical maltreatment. Some cases have bleeding from the eye and or brain. Spinal or neck damage is a commonality among children suffering from physical mistreatment as well. Impaired brain development or malformation is also a consequence. Developing personality disorders and violent behavior, or showing signs of depression and withdrawal is seen in kids as young as three to four. Children ages five to twelve usually suffer from fractured or broken bones. Abuse can also affect a child’s thoughts and learning habits. Victims of abuse at an early age are more likely to score lower on tests than other children. Teenagers commonly...

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