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Child Abuse In The United States

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Child Abuse is an extremely significant conflict around the world; it is the physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child. There are 4 main types of victimization against children. Those containing physical, emotional, sexual abuse and neglect. Physical abuse is when a parent or guardian wounds their child in the form of injuring them or in any other manner causing them agony. Emotional abuse also recognized as mental abuse is when they mentally upset a child’s feelings that may generate trauma. Sexual abuse can probably be characterized as someone forcing a child in an act of unwanted sexual relationships. Neglect is the form of not providing a child with their basic physical and ...view middle of the document...

It wasn't until Mary Ellen's case in 1874 that the maltreatment of children got noticed; this case was misunderstood but yet had a huge impact on the importance of child maltreatment.
Most people are getting involved in stopping child abuse by either forming organizations or becoming involved in them. Bright Futures 4 Kids is an organization whose goal of intervention is to replace parenting patterns that may lead to abuse and neglect with nurturing parenting styles. Since the founding of this organization, they have provided a helping hand to more than 280,00 children and parents in their community. Families can also work with different programs an organization has to offer by simply choosing the one that fits their criteria. Children's Advocacy Centers (CAC) are child-friendly centers where a multidisciplinary team consists of Department of Children and Families workers, policies, medical and mental health professionals, prosecutors, and victims that meet to organize a response to allegations of child sexual and severe physical abuse (Machildrensalliance). According to Center Child protection, one of the most important things you can do to prevent child abuse is to build a positive relationship with your own children; help them feel loved, secure, and wanted. Most seek for help from people with training, but the question is how many cases remain unopened (Grapes)?
Till this day child abuse is still a very common article that has to have an end to. Every ten seconds a new case of child abuse...

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