Child Abuse: Personal Response Essay

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Abuse has been in the daily lives of many people in many different cultures since the dawn of time. Whether it is verbal, mental or physical abuse, it's around all of us, but it is up to us as individuals to recognize it.An incident in which I encountered abuse was a case in the state of Arkansas in 1991. There was a young girl, Holly Richards, who was an isolate. She was tied to a chair in the basement, which had a built in toilet. Her parents neglected her and beat her regularly, for no apparent reason. She wasn't fed properly and was mentally underdeveloped due to this abuse. Once the authorities got her in their custody, they gave her extensive tests to observe the damage that was inflicted upon her. She refused to speak, but would understand what was said. Psychologists believed that the left side of her brain that caters to language was immature, even though she was 13 years old. This young girl was in this state for most of her life, and I feel that a parent with this kind of power over a child should be taken away. I felt very sorry for this young girl because her parents took advantage of their role as caregivers and as disciplinarians. They took their chastising actions to the extent of putting their child in danger. This not only decreases her chances of living the "normal" life, but also makes her more prone to mental disorders, like schizophrenia and depression. These parents are appalling because...

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3612 words - 14 pages probability prevalence studies."BIBLIOGRAPHYChildLine (2002) New ChildLine research reveals children seek help for sexual abuse far earlier Available from:[Accessed 21 April 2006]Currier, L.L & Wurtele, S.K. (1996) Pilot study of previously abused and non-sexually abused children's responses to a personal safety program, Journal of Child Sexual Abuse. Binghamton, Vol.5

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1734 words - 7 pages of Human Services is facing a 15 to 17% shortage of social workers. (Kenney) An investigation by state and federal investigators was announced to determine whether there was misuse of $89 million in finances. The lawsuit is seeking a court order to force the state to meet its constitutional and statutory obligations to serve and protect abused and neglected children. (Jacobs)Causes of child abuse may vary from societal factors to personal


591 words - 2 pages include: poverty, drug addiction, violence, personal history of physical or sexual abuse as a child and social isolation (2).In determining the causes of child abuse, the Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology suggests that "Physical abuse does appear more frequently in poor families" (2). Economic problems such as unemployment, low income, illness in the family and inability to pay medical care are factors that contribute to such behavior.Therefore

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2890 words - 12 pages to the abuse that is seen every day? Possibly. However, no amount of frustration can condone any form of child abuse. Some parents tend to see discipline and “punishment and control” as the same thing (“Effective discipline for children”, 2004). The U.S. National Library of Medicine makes clear the “controversy” that has grown as a response to the proper way to discipline a child and the fact that there are set boundaries as to how to go about

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1012 words - 5 pages differently and not to go by your first impression on someone. It also makes you feel grateful for not being abused as a child or having to go through any form of that. “Any action that causes injury or psycho-emotional disorders is an abuse”. (Rus, 499) In conclusion, Mihaela Rus based her article on fact and facts only. She does not put any of her opinions or her personal views in her writing. I think she did a great job at getting the point across

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1464 words - 6 pages When thinking about statistics on child abuse, it’s very helpful to know that the idea of “child abuse” is very controversial. Recently, in particular homes and cultures, child abuse has come to be seen as a major social problem and a main cause of many people’s suffering and personal problems. Some believe that we are beginning to face the true prevalence and significance of child abuse. There is more to child abuse than just the physical scars

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