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Child And Adolescent Psychopathology: A Casebook

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Introduction: Conduct Disorder

The hallmark of Conduct Disorder (CD) is an obvious and careless apathy for the rules, the rights, the emotions, and the personal territory of others. Aggression, deceitfulness, duress, and power over others are enjoyable to a child with CD. Children with CD pick fights, trespass, lie, cheat, steal, vandalize, display abusive behaviors, and, for older children, perpetrate unwanted sexual advances. The display of signs in younger children can be: ruthless bullying, lying for the purpose of lying, and stealing of useless things.
Diagnosis: Jason Coleman of Conduct Disorder

Jason Coleman meets the criteria for CD in DSM 4 TR: Axis 1, for CD with a specifier of 312.81 Childhood-onset type, severe; Axis II, v71.09, no diagnoses at this time of a personality disorder; Axis III, 799.9, refer to medical history and physician’s report on head injury; Axis IV client has Problems related to the social environment; Axis V GAF score of 31 (current) (American Psychiatric Association, 2008).

Justification for Axis 1
The main feature of Conduct Disorder, Criteria A, is a repeated and constant way of behaving that violates the rights of other people, or there are major age-appropriate violations of the norms of society, and three or more occurrences within the last twelve months, and one occurrence within the last six months (American Psychiatric Association, 2008). Jason meets Criteria A10, 11, and 12, Deceitfulness or Theft, because he burglarized a house across the street from where he was living, convinced his co-foster brother, Walt, to help him in the burglary, and stole his foster mom’s ATM card and withdrew $500 dollars. Jason meets Criteria A13, 14, and 15 for serious violations of rules. He is often truant from school and often sneaks out at night despite caregiver prohibitions. Jason is lacking in social and academic functioning, Criteria B, as evidenced by his suspension from school and his rude attitude to one of his teachers. Jason has had problems in school dating all the way back to his early childhood.

Justification for Axis II
Jason does not meet the criteria for anti-social personality disorder because he has not reached the age of 18 (American Psychiatric Association, 2008).

Justification for Axis III
No diagnoses for axis III at this time because Jason has already been diagnosed with a head injury at an earlier age with concussion. I more information is needed a referral to the medical history is advised.

Justification for Axis IV
Jason’s social environment is fraught with problems with being placed in differing foster care homes. He has many self-sabotaging behaviors that he developed within the foster homes.

Justification for Axis V
I gave Jason a GAF score of 31 because his family relations are strained, he is trouble with the school authorities and he has poor judgment.

Differential Diagnoses
Rule out Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), 381.81, and Attention...

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