Child And Infant Mortality Rate In Afghanistan

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Afghanistan is a country in war and a country in devastation. Afghanistan has one of the world’s highest infant mortality rates and the world’s highest birth rates. Because of the high infant mortality rates, they also have many problems in health, sanitation, and a lack of food they have. Because of poor health and sanitation in the country of Afghanistan, the Afghanis have many sicknesses and diseases. Sickness causes high infant mortality rates. The diseases that cause high death rates are bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria, and rabies (Demographics 2013). Because the mothers do not have enough nutrition when giving birth to the infants, many of the mothers die in childbirth. And because of the two decades of war, the war also left many people especially children homeless. As a result, there are children on the streets of Afghanistan without a families and shelter. What should the United Nations do to help Afghanistan? To help Afghanistan, the United Nations should assist Afghanistan with food and health problems to help reduce the high morality and birth rates so Afghanistan could start moving towards the third demographic transition.
The high infant mortality rates are causing Afghanistan to lose many people. If this continues to happen, the country will not have enough people to continue a new generation. Because the country of Afghanistan is limited in resources, the people living in the country greatly outnumber the amount of resources available to them. The country is also limited in medical centers. Approximately eighty-five percent of the population lives about three to four hours from a medical center therefore making it difficult to find treatment when needed. “The Afghans cereal-based diet is low in iron content (Campbell 2001)” (Dean 4). Because iron is an essential nutrient needed for a growing fetus, the mothers themselves are not healthy which in turn leads to unhealthy babies. The babies are born underweight, sickly, and undernourished. Many of the infants die before the age of one, which causes Afghanistan to have a high infant mortality rate (Lawn 2005). Afghanistan’s infant mortality rate is one of the world’s highest among others such as Sub-Sahara Africa (Intro Human Geo p.70-71). Even if an infant were to survive, it is highly unlikely for them to live past the age of five due to limited resources such as food and inadequate medical attention. Because so many infants and children are dying, mothers feel the need to have more children, so they can have someone to take care of them when they grow old. On the other hand, the war in Afghanistan is further decreasing the population because there are more males and females dying both on and off the battlefield. The elderly population in Afghanistan is also quickly declining. The declining population therefore threatens the prospect of a new generation (Poon 2013). Henceforth, there may not be a new generation of native people in...

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