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Child Beauty Pageants, A Controversial Issue

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The popularity of child beauty contests seems to be increasing dramatically every year causing more and more controversy as time goes on. Many people do not agree with children being forced to fulfill their parents' dream by taking place in a pageant .It is very common for young girls to be obsessed over Barbie dolls, the perfect hair combined with the flawless makeup has provided a fantasy idol for all young girls to look up to, but who would have thought the doll would come to life as a 5 year old girl competing in a beauty pageant?
Child beauty contests encourage Barbie stereotypes to prevail. These young girls go to very drastic measures to achieve the flawless Barbie doll look. They ...view middle of the document...

Sexualizing young children is not the role of a parent, their job is to protect their child and while dressing them in these raunchy costumes their job of parenthood is not being fulfilled.
"The winner of the pagent is..” In that moment, all partipants hold their breath in the long anxious pause. This is the moment they have all been waiting for, to find out who has done the best, who is " Little Miss Perfect". Finding out the winner can be the most exciting part of the day for most girls, but there are some girls among them wacked with nerves and anxiety when hearing who will take this royal title. These little girls are under the gun and when they dont suceed in winning the best title feel disapointed in themselves but also know the reaction of their fanatatic parents will be utter devastation. They look out into the crowd to see their parents with a weary look of shame knowing they have disapointed them. This is the classic reaction at most glitz and even small child beauty pageants. Some would believe this teaches their children overall redeeming qualities and it boosts their self confidence, but that is just the parents. What about the children? Sometimes the parents, mostly mothers, get so involved and pushy during competitions that what started out as a fun event turns into a miserable experience for the child.
However,many children who participate in these pageants have birth defects and these pagents bring confidence to these young individuals."We don’t want her to think she’s different, that she isn’t beautiful" says the mother of a young pagent competotor. It gives these little girls a sense of normalality and to feel they are just as good as everyone else. Sarah Thomson a participent in the " Toddlars in Tiaras" pagents suffers from many birth defects and her...

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