Child Behaviour Investigation Essay

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Time: 11.45No. of Adults: 1No. of Children: 4Children being observed: 3Child A - Cant speak clearly, communication difficulty.Child B- English 2nd language can speak & understand 4Child C - Very shy, 3+ (non-verbal)Child D- Very active - Do not concentrateSetting: The activity table "Lotto game."Aim: To observe and provide activity to promote language and communication.Observation: In order to observe child A, B, C, D to communicate with each other and promote vocabulary I gave them a lotto game to play.Child A is sitting next to me on the rightChild B is opposite to meChild C and D are sitting next to each other, to the left.Child A - Picking up the picture cards 'I'll do it'.Child B and D - "I wan to do it first".Child C Stayed quite looking at me.Adult(me) " We all take turns first A than B, C, D OK"Child A picked up the card trying to choose one "who got this?" showing the card to children.Child B and D "it is a sun", "I got it" said B.Child A is putting the card on the chart B saying something. Not clear enough to understand.Child B - snatching from her hand 'give it to me'. 'I do it'.Adult: I asked Child A "can you tell me what it is?" She said "fun" I repeated Sun she tried and than start looking at the cards again.Child A Picking up another card.Child B "No it's my turn". She showed the card and said the right name, "it is a door." "Who got it?"Child D "I have it" and suddenly ran to the computer corner.Child A picked up another card again.Child C staying quite looking at me. I asked Child A to let C take the turn.Child C chose a picture a card and showing to me stayed quiet.Child "It is a bird", and took it fro Child C hands putting it to Child A chart.Child A "Bee I got it".Adult "Are you sure it's a bee?" "Then ask Child C what do you think?" (trying to make child C speak, no reply.Child A "It is a bee".Adult I explain "It is a bird, but it looks like a bee."Child D is on computer but looking towards us occasionally,I went Child D, "It's...

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2127 words - 9 pages Albert rather than a collective view from all children used, therefore this questions whether individual differences could play a role in behaviour in terms of classical conditioning as would a different child produce a different response to the one Albert demonstrated? Harris (1979) further criticised this experiment due to the descriptions noted by Watson through his observations, as they were subjective and inconsistent. In various textbooks the

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3797 words - 15 pages , cocaine or any other drug which alters behaviour and cognition. According to Eitzen and Zinn 2003, substance abuse "is associated with a number of factors that produce strain and disruption in stable family patterns, greater unemployment, poor health, low self-esteem, isolation, and preoccupation with self" (p. 461). The substance abuser is more likely to be involved in family violence and to a larger extent child abuse.The issue of migration also

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11795 words - 47 pages plastic doll. The child was subsequently placed in a playroom setting and the incidence of aggressive behaviour was recorded. The result was that children shown the violent images were more aggressive in the playroom than those children who were not subject to the violent images. Although heavily criticised for the stimulus materials used and the grounds of aggressive behaviour in the social context of the experiment

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3528 words - 14 pages influence on the learning that takes place within each child. Learning is described as a relatively permanent change in the behaviour of an individual. Thus, behavioural changes due to disease, drugs, fatigue, and the like are excluded from learned behaviour.THEORY IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT"Theories are sets of statements, understandable to others which make predictions about empirical events" (Mandler and Kessen, 1959,).It would be confusing and

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2391 words - 10 pages Child Care Law(1)Jack is a 2-year-old child who lives with his mother, Karen (23). Jack has a physical disability.Karen is a single parent, who is claiming welfare benefits. Karen has never worked since leaving school. She has limited support from her family.Karen has talked to the Health Visitor that she has been finding it hard to manage jacks behaviour. The HV has noticed that on occasions Karen doesn't always predict safety/ risk factors

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2127 words - 9 pages Albert rather than a collective view from all children used, therefore this questions whether individual differences could play a role in behaviour in terms of classical conditioning as would a different child produce a different response to the one Albert demonstrated? Harris (1979) further criticised this experiment due to the descriptions noted by Watson through his observations, as they were subjective and inconsistent. In various textbooks the