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Child Brides Essay

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Situations that test our communities views on right and wrong, or just peering into cultures with lifestyles much different than our own, gives us (Americans) a sense of isolation and ignorance to problems that do not involve our country or tradition. Intolerance shows its face anywhere ignorance thrives, not allowing us to look into worldwide problems; those in which we as brethren and caretakers of the same earth should involve ourselves for the better. Tolerance and intolerance is reflected within the topic of child brides in the fact that many countries choose to ignore the problem because it does not occur specifically in their country.
A child bride is defined by a person under the age of 18, typically married by force. In many cases,married off to people multiple times their age and through the “purchasing” of a bride, more specifically a bride price. ICRW says that girls are usually married off without knowing and sent off into the village of her new husband and made live with the husband’s family. Shockingly enough, while most assume that this culture remains in typically rural areas, statistics show that child marriage occurs in every continent in countries all over the world. Many cases have been recorded in which young girls are married off and have been restricted from their childhood, have a limited opportunity to go to school, have been known to have a low interaction with their community, as well as face major health risks from pregnancy and early childbirth (Girl Up). These are just a few examples of the consequences that come along with being a child bride, today the situation remains, through slow movement some changes have been made but like always culture is typically preserved and those who stay true to it will refuse the change.
The article, “Child Marriage In India” reveals that the culture and tradition of child marriage takes back to medieval ages, (in this article) specifically in India, eventually it became a widespread cultural practice elsewhere. In India, the feudalistic way of life was intertwined with the caste system, because castes are hereditary, placing you in the same caste in which your parents were born into, child marriage was established to prevent rebellious teenagers from marriage outside of their castes. Another reason for child marriage aside from enforcing the system, is when poor families use marriage as a way to provide their daughters with a better environment, within the caste, that they previously could not provide, hoping that they marry into a family who can provide better for them or to build up family alliances. Statistics show that the involvement of poverty and gender inequality have remained strongly in those countries who remain persistent in their old culture (ICRW). Melisende states that Indian parents fear that an adequate education will limit the ability of the girl to become a proper and traditional wife and mother as well as the importance of the conservation of a child’s...

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