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Car Seat Safety Essay

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The main concern of new parents is what car seat is right for their newborn baby. Not only do they have to decide what car seat is right for them they have to make the more important decision which is if they should go rear facing or forward facing. In 2008, research was done to provide the information that kids under the age of two are 75% less likely to become injured in a rear facing car seat. Rear facing and forward facing seats have pros and cons depending on the severity and type of crash it is involve in . A rear facing can protect the child better in side impact crashes. During crashes the babies body is completely harnessed in so there is no dangerous movement made to pull the neck in the wrong way. Rear facing also has cons like their legs can be squished against the seat and cause an uncomfortable car experience. If there is a rear collision they could potentially be ejected from the car. Rear facing also can cause their legs to be squished against the seat.

During side impact crashes, cars can potentially flip. Side impact crashes are said to be the most dangerous type of car crash. The rear facing seat is the best option during this type of crash. If the car flips the sides of the seats are better equipped to harness the child in the seat. The seat is able to make pivoting motions because of the attachments to keep the child in a straight line. Keeping them in a straight line reduces the risk of injuries especially in the spinal cord.By having their back straight it won't bend or come close to snapping. A rear facing car seat protects the child by using a 5- point safety harness which is a system of hooks even used for race car drivers, and flight pilots.This allows the child to stay In the seat without them falling out. during crashes babies body's are completely harnessed into a rear facing car seat due to the 5-point safety harness, which protects their neck from stretching. Baby's heads are very un-proportionate compared to their body's, so keeping their heads up with a large force Impacted on them is often difficult. Not only are their heads un-proportionate, but the vertebrae in their spine are still cartilage, and have not yet firmed into bone. In a rear facing car seat the seat buckles keep the baby in a safe position so their body and most importantly their head doesn't fly forward causing a fatal injury.

Although many people believe in rear facing car seats, that doesn't mean they are the perfect choice. In accidents there are things that have gone wrong as well. Some things include that their legs can be squished against the seat and cause and uncomfortable car experience, or if a baby is fussing it can distract them from the road and when they are rear facing it is harder to access them . As the baby grows and develops the baby's legs grow as well, this makes the seat more and more uncomfortable, as the baby would need to bend their legs to fit in the car seat. The baby may begin to fuss and cry because they can't...

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