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Child Care: Needs Assessment Essay

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In this paper I will be discussing the choices I should have made with my past client, John, and how I have grown as a child care professional through my successes and failures therein. I will also discuss how I would go about treating him now, focusing more on cognitive developmental therapy as well as dealing further with his anger and violent actions. My goal in this aspect is to show how I would find the roots of his anger caused by his past to better help him conquer these issues in the future. Further more, I will discuss the benefits of Trauma-informed care and how following the ideals therein could have greatly benefited John's sense of emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Self Reflection
Dealing with a case such as John's, a well rounded view of his situation is entirely vital. A deep understanding of his history should be held with high regard and guide the therapeutic choices taken. Not only do we as child care professionals need to access and treat our patients outward affects of trauma, but we must also find and ease the emotional and biological affects of the trauma experienced, as outlined by Dr. Perry (Perry & Szalavitz, 2006). Dr. Perry's Neurosequential Design Therapy would have been very beneficial for John had it been around then. The importance of starting from the beginning of trauma and treating each step of cognitive development missed through out childhood has proven to be a thorough and powerful tool for successful treatment. With a client like John now, I would spend more time focusing on his relationship with his mother and her boyfriend. The neglect and trauma faced therein would be detrimental to his self-image and social understanding and would be, I imagine, buried very deeply. If John had gained his missed vital experiences later on in life, there is a chance his emotional regulation could have caught-up developmentally and his life would not have been cut so short.

I would also constitute cognitive therapy gently directed towards his past and releasing his buried inner demons. Although this process can be long and draining for all involved, it can bring healing and a strong sense of self to the victim. For example, in A Home For Maise, her painful journey through her past was shown. She had to face the traumatic experiences she lived as a very young girl. Being shuffled through foster homes and given up by adults she had connected with was a major milestone she needed to conquer in order to thrive. Learning from this, John's needs would be very similar in regards to his trauma from his parents and his life in foster homes. Focusing attention on allowing him to face and grieve his past traumas and history while feeling, safe and in control, could have been an extremely rewarding experience for him (Klinic Community Health Center, 2013).

John's tendency for violence and illegal behaviour would have been a major concern for me. To me this tells of a underlying problem due to...

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