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Child Care Options Essay

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An increase in baby booming makes it tougher for working parents to find daycare. The facts prove that having children come with a true price. Even so it doesn’t change the issues of finding child care or makes them go away. When parents work, quality child care is a necessity. And it does not come cheap. For families with more than one child, child care can eat up one salary, leaving parents wondering both working is worth it. When thinking of child care there are some options to consider like choosing a child care center, the costs of child care centers, and waiting lists.
Choosing child care can be very hectic for many parents. Your typical working family faces tremendous challenges in finding affordable care, according to child care Inc. executive Director Nancy Kolben. A parent needs to consider whether they’ll need full time or part time provider. This all depends on if the family works traditional hours; whether the caregiver is expected to work late nights or on weekends. Another situation to consider is what the families’ budget for child care is. Determining what type of child care set up is desired, a practical first step is determining what a parent can afford, and if they choose a day care center or in home provider.
When discussing the costs of daycares, a parent must consider preschool programs and traditional daycares. Most preschool fees are comparable to the high prices charges by daycare centers, although few preschool cost as much as full day care for an infant. All of this depends on where you live and the quality of the preschool. The...

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