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In todays society more women are having children and the ages of these women range from young
teenage moms at fifteen years of age to older women in their forty’s that are about to enter menopause.
No matter how old the woman is they all have one thing in common to help them have a healthy
pregnancy and a healthy baby: prenatal care. Prenatal care is not only very important for the baby’s
overall health, but also for the expecting mother. Having good prenatal care will drastically reduce the
chance of medical complications of mom and child. There are many different types of prenatal care and
many factors to consider as a pregnant woman. A woman's diet, the different types of medical testing
while she is pregnant, and the amount of emotional support she has are a few types of prenatal care.
A healthy diet is important for every person to have, but it is especially important for an expecting
mother. When a woman is pregnant she is supporting another life inside her and what she eats and drinks
that baby eats and drinks. Foods with a high nutritional content and having a balanced diet is necessary
for a healthy pregnancy. Often women have cravings for different foods or they might think its okay to
eat whatever they want because they need to gain weight. These thoughts are often incorrect. Overall a
woman only needs to gain about twenty to twenty five pounds during pregnancy. Becoming overweight
while pregnant can lead to gestational diabetes and other medical problems. Women need a good amount
of protein and calcium in their diet while pregnant since the baby will be using up some of their own
stores of these two things. Vegetables with high iron content such a leafy, green spinach and whole milk
are great sources for calcium. Chicken, beef, beans, and nuts are a great sources for protein. Supplements
are often needed to help support the needed amount of nutrients for a pregnant woman. Even with a well
balanced diet to carry a healthy child full term additional prenatal vitamins are needed. Drinking plenty
of water and staying well hydrated is also highly recommended. Not only does diet mean foods that a
woman should eat, but we also need to consider foods and drinks she should avoid. Alcohol is something
no pregnant woman should consume on a regular basis or in large quantities. Drinking alcohol effects the
baby more than it does the woman. Children born to women who consistently drank during pregnancy
are often born with fetal alcohol syndrome. The baby is usually born underweight along with sever
mental disabilities. Mental retardation is common with these babies because the alcohol passes through
the blood brain barrier. They also have some physical birth defects as well. Their heads are often larger
than a normal child and their eyes are very wide set. Eating chicken that is undercooked or sushi is very
dangerous as well. The risk of salmonella poisoning is high when chicken is...

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