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KRAMER VS. KRAMER 4Running Head: KRAMER VS. KRAMERKramer vs. KramerStudent's nameProfessor's nameCourse titleDateOverviewKramer Vs Kramer is a story that addresses issues of divorce process. The story highlights the role of lawyers and the legal system in divorce cases. The New York divorce lawyer is captured as an adversarial gladiator and the only option for resolving Ted vs. Joanna case id through litigation. The focus of story is the legal battle between Joanna and Ted, a couple of eight years but separated when Joanna felt she needed to establish herself. She leaves Ted to take care of their son Billy. The movie captures how Ted evolves to an exemplary single parent and he becomes a supportive and nurturing figure in the life of his son. 18 months after Ted had received custody of Billy in the Divorce decree, his ex-wife returns to New York and tells Ted she wants Billy. In a move that is against wishes of Joanna, Ted approaches John Shaunessy, a counsel in divorce cases. John does not mention aspects of mediation or negotiated settlement between the Ted and Joanna. However, the aftermath of the case shows that this was the most applicable approach of resolving parenting relationship issues (Schepard, 2007).Child Custody Mediation ProcessWhen ending relationships, the most complicated issue is child custody. Both parents feel they need to be present in the lives of the child as Kramer v. Kramer highlights. This way, a negotiated agreement by a third party is the most effective approach. The process has the following phases (, 2014)Phase 1- Initial meeting with the mediator/ Identifying and Categorizing issues
Both parties express interest in mediation at this stage. They approach a mediator with open mind and willingness to listen. The focus is on interest that attaches each individual to the child. The only role of the mediator is to take a neutral position and explain all steps to the clients. His only role is...

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1778 words - 7 pages If divorce isn't stressful enough among couples, when children are involved, it adds a whole other level of stress and emotions into the mix. Parents will often loose sight of what is in the best interest of their children. Where do the children fit into this whole new life that is being created? Unfortunately children often become financial pawns in a divorce when child custody issues are being decided.When dealing with child custody there are

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1024 words - 4 pages is the standard.Children need both parents. Except in cases where one parent is abusive or unable to provide proper care and supervision, children benefit when both Mom and Dad play major roles in their lives. Mediation helps parents figure out how to manage child care under a totally new set of circumstances.Suggestion: Avoid the use of fighting words, such as "custody" and "visitation." These words set up a struggle overpossession of the

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1550 words - 6 pages factors are taken into consideration. Through the entire process the most important aspect about the outcome of the evaluations, is that the child’s best interest is always the main factor. Child custody evaluations attempt to investigate and find the best situation for the child between the parties fighting over custody. Child custody evaluations cover multiple issues such as custody, maintenance, support, valuation, visitation, relocation, and

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1885 words - 8 pages in good faith and to follow what is in the best interest of the child, instead of relying on the typical court system process where a judge tells the parents what to do (Aslanian, 2012). Sometimes never-married parents have negative feelings about being in court and having to be involved with mediation that is an “extension of the court system” (Folberg, 2004). At times there is some resistance from mothers who feel like they have been a sole

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1970 words - 8 pages their own needs and concerns. A positive of litigation is that it stipulates and requires a court to consider any views expressed by child/children when deciding to make a parenting order . Yet it does not require or force a child to express their view in relation to any matter concerning the order . Mediation holds its own faults which can decrease the effectiveness of the dispute resolution process

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2083 words - 8 pages parents to cooperate and get along after a divorce for the sake of the children.Emery, Robert E. "Renegotiating Family Relationships: Divorce, Child Custody, and Mediation." The Guilford Press. 1996.>.Custody battles are one of the most common causes of court proceedings in the United States because the

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4046 words - 16 pages Since the late 1970s there has been substantial change in the judicial system regarding child custody hearings (Symons, 2010). The end of the 20th century sparked a public demand for more custodial options including joint physical custody (refers to the day-to-day care of children), joint legal custody (refers to a parents rights and responsibilities regarding major decisions involving children) and a general increase in paternal involvement in

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3015 words - 12 pages parents share legal decisions concerning the child2.Disadvantage: Parents must agree on decisionsC.Primary Physical custody1.Advantage: Child lives with one parent more than 50% of the time2.Disadvantage: Child sees the other parent less oftenD.Visitation1.Advantage: Child lives with one parent 100% of the time2.Disadvantage: Child has minimal time with the other parentE.Child Custody Evaluation1.Advantage: Comprehensive, assists in making

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1264 words - 5 pages life would be protected as well. The rules of confidentiality should be interpreted broadly. The purpose of confidentiality in mediation is to protect the process and enable parties to resolve disputes candidly, openly, and fairly without fear that statements made during mediation will later be used to their detriment. Mediations involving children present unique scenarios. If a child party tells the mediator that he is suffering from years

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1634 words - 7 pages can provide” 350 N.Y.S. 2d 285 (1973). Why does there seem to be a bias in child custody cases? “Dads want their day” states that many divorced fathers believe that courts have still not heard their message and that they believe they are fighting against an anti-father bias. Father’s rights advocates and other groups are influencing several states to give the father a chance or to at least support joint custody. The most effective advocates for

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785 words - 4 pages change and judges are now taking the time to evaluate each case more individually and more carefully. In addition, there are better support services to help judges repair issues that arise during child custody disputes, such as having the parents involved in supervised mediation, or getting social services involved and have them provide needed information about the parents. (New Trends in Child Custody, 2010) Sometimes parents do not get custody