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The theory of child development, Temperament, is what this case study is based off of. Temperament is a person’s style of reacting to the world and relating to others. I will be judging “Alice” on the nine temperament traits on a ten point scale. Alice is my 2 year old cousin who knows me well because I frequently babysit her. I recently observed her personality on the nine traits. These traits include; intensity, persistence, sensitivity, perceptiveness, adaptability, regularity, energy, first reaction, and mood.

Alice lives in a blended household with her parents “Amber” and “Alex” along with her half-sister “Abby”. Amber and Alex have been married for 5 years and both have a ...view middle of the document...

When tickled, she laughed historically. Based on the fact that she cried when her mom left, but was able to quickly recover, and that she laughs when tickled, I have rated her a five out of the ten point scale. In my opinion, the amount of happiness and the amount of sadness that she shows are average.

Next, I observed Alice on the second Temperament trait, persistence. Persistence is how (how what?) a child is to complete an action or task. To test this I took markers away while she was coloring, and I put a puzzle away before she was able to finish it. While she was coloring, she had about 10 markers out on the table. After letting her color with all of them for a couple minutes, I took 3 away and started putting them back in the box. She reached for them and said, “No, I want that one.” Also, when she was doing a puzzle and was half way done with it, I took it away and put it back in the cupboard. This made her upset as well. She asked for it back and said that she wasn’t done. After these two tests I have decided to rate Alice a seven out of ten for persistence. I chose this score because she was anxious to finish both coloring and the puzzle, and she didn’t want to be done with the tasks until they were complete.

Sensitivity is the third and next trait that I observed Alice on. This is the child's reaction to physical environments. To test this I will do two things, play a dog whistle and see if she prefers the feeling of her blanket or a pillow with rougher material. First, I used an app on my phone to play a dog whistle, it was a loud and high pitched noise that played for a couple of seconds. Alice noticed it right away but it didn’t seem to bother her. All she did to react to it was look at me quizzically and look around to try and figure out what the sound was and where it was coming from. Once the noise stopped she continued on doing her puzzle. Next, I asked her to lay on her blanket and then to lay on her pillow. The blanket was a soft and fuzzy baby blanket and the pillow was decorative and not a soft material. Although she didn’t react much to either, she laid on the blanket for a longer amount than the pillow. Based on these two tests I have rated Alice a four in sensitivity. She reacted to the noise while it was happening but quickly recovered and showed no interest afterward, and she didn’t show much preference for what materials were softer.

The fourth trait that I tested Alice on was Perceptiveness. This is how aware the child is on their surroundings. As my experiments I put on the TV while she was coloring and I asked her to sing a song while making a puzzle. While she was coloring, I turned the TV to her favorite show, Elmo. Alice stopped coloring immediately and started to watch. She watch for a couple of seconds without coloring but eventually went back to her coloring book. For the next 3 minutes it was the same, coloring then watching, coloring then watching. The two didn’t seem...

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