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Child Discipline Vs. Child Abuse Simply Put This Is A Paper Describing When Child Discipline Becomes Child Abuse.

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You see your child misbehaving, and you tell him to stop. He ignores you, and you tell him again. You are getting frustrated. He says "OK, I will", then 10 minutes later the same thing is going on. You're really angry now. It feels like your authority as a parent means nothing. If other adults are around then it's even worse, you feel ineffective and inadequate. So you yell, "I TOLD YOU TO STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. GET OVER HERE." You grab him by the arm when he comes to you, give him a shake, and tell him to go to his room. "YOU'RE GOING TO GET A WHIPPING FOR NOT MINDING ME." A few minutes later you go into his room with the belt and spank his bottom with three good licks; Is this Abuse or Discipline?The definition of child abuse and the line between child abuse and child discipline is a legal matter that differs from state to state (within the U.S.) and from country to country. It is therefore, not possible for me to give you a specific guideline however I will do my best to explain my opinion. I'll give you a couple examples to help with the clarity of my opinion:1.Your child attacks you physically and you react instinctively.It is certainly appropriate to not allow your child to cause physical harm to yourself or others by physically stopping him from acting this way. An appropriate response would be holding him as gently as possible away from you or from whoever he is trying to hurt and continuing to hold him until he has calmed down. Certainly you would not be expected to sit and not stop your child from hurting you.If, however, by reacting instinctively, you mean "hitting him in return" then this reaction is not appropriate (Abuse). I know that the natural response to being hit is to hit back, but when we are talking about a fight between a four-year-old and an adult, this is clearly not a fair fight. The adult, in this situation, must be the one to keep his cool and refrain from any punishment, physical or otherwise until the child has calmed down.2.He is in the midst of a dangerous, violent act, and you prevent it by being physical.Once again, you are certainly correct that you should not stand passively by and watch your child do something dangerous. If your child will not listen to your instructions, you need to physically remove your child from the dangerous situation. After the immediate danger has passed, you can...

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