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Child Labor International Issue Essay

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Child labor is an immense international issue in the world today and gives rise to other problems. Through several facts, articles, and stories this paper will dive into the problems that many face on a daily basis due to their situation in child labor. This problem will look at where it is hitting some groups of people the hardest and where it may not be as much of a problem and is considered to be over exaggerated, getting several different perspectives of the issue. The various factors contributing to the dilemma of child labor will be touched upon throughout as well. This topic starts with the children who have been brave enough to tell their stories and allow light to shine on the issue.
The involvement of immense corporations and how they make and distribute their products will also be explored. Certain companies will be discussed as to whether they are reliable and dependable sources of products or if they cut corners by getting their materials internationally. One will be able to grasp how a nation’s financial standing impacts other aspects of that country’s well-being. Child labor in America will be another subject matter touched on and if the degree that it occurs at in a more developed nation is much different from other undeveloped nations.
By the end one should be able to understand why child labor is in violation of human rights and should not be accepted and what is currently being done to put an end to it. Many people want to put an end to this plight, but they feel overwhelmed by the complications and the enormity of it that it becomes difficult to find a the right way to tackle it. There have been many implications that have succeeded in aiding this predicament and enabled progress to be made toward it, but it has been discovered that there is still more that is yet to be done.

Child Labor
Child labor is an issue that has been a big part of history and still continues today. Before one can make assumptions on this topic, they must first be able to have a clear understanding of what child labor. Defined by Kalpan Srivastava et al. (2011) , child labor is “work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity, and that is harmful to physical-mental development (p.1).” This definition is saying that children who are in danger by their occupation both physically or mentally and is detrimental to their development that it is considered child labor, which should be assessed as a violation to human rights. The approximate number of child laborers worldwide is 215 million children (Srivastava, p.2). This is a staggering amount which can be hard for many who are well off to believe that this is going on in the world today, even close to home.
On a global scale we see that this dilemma is hit the hardest in developing countries. Half of the children...

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