Child Labor Uncovered In Apples Supply Chain College Research

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Child labor uncovered in Apple's supply chain
Apple Company is a company that engages in one of the worst unethical practices, which is the employment of child labor. During the year 2012, the Apple has discovered several cases of child labor in their supply chain. The Apple’s Annual Supplier Responsibility Report shows that 106 children were employed at 11 different manufacturing factories and all of them were recruited by using a fake identification documents. However, the audit shows that 70 people who were underage left the company or passed the age of 16 by the time the audit were conducted (Bradshaw, 2013)
Another 74 children were employed “knowingly” by a large local labor agency called Shenzhen Quanshun Human Resources. These 74 employees were hired for single Chinese manufacturer of circuit-board components used in Apple products (Bradshaw, 2013).
Discussion on the impact of the issue at the:
a) Individual Level
Child labor will lead to social backwardness. The children will be working in the factories rather than studying in the school or playing in the grounds. This will physically make the child weak and unhealthy (Spotonlists, 2013).
Moreover, child labor will lead to increase crimes too. The children are forced to work to earn for their family and they will be beaten by the parents to work and they will be given a very less salary. Instead of working with a low wage rate, the children will find ways of stealing and engage in crimes (Spotonlists, 2013)
On the other hand, the children who work at an early age will become more mature and find ways to survive in the real world. It will also help to get working experience at an early age.
b) Organisational level
For Apple, child labor will be beneficial for them, because it will help to get labor at a cheaper cost. They do not have to recruit high professional employees for...

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