Child Maltreatment Speech

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Location: Convention Center Time: Afternoon around 3 o'clock or so Purpose: Raise Awareness of Child Maltreatment Health Care Providers of New Mexico…..speaking at the forum of child welfare.Good afternoon, and I'd like to thank everyone for attending today's meetings. I know its been a long day of speeches for everyone…….I've noticed the heavy eyes and the occasional bobbing heads. But I am pleased to say that I am the last speaker, so bear with me! • I am here today to talk to you about child maltreatment. Aka: abuse or neglect……however it's seen thru your eyes. Even though just about every term has its different meaning. I will cover different types of maltreatment, different cultural values, consequences, and most importantly…..prevention.• Child maltreatment is defined as all intentional harm to, or avoidable endangerment of, anyone under 18 years of age. This includes both child abuse, and child neglect with abuse being a deliberate action of harm and neglect being a failure to appropriately meet a child's basic needs.But who's to define child abuse? Here in America, if a child is acting out of manner and the mother or father pops him on the rear-end in public, it could be pretty typical that some witness may consider it child abuse.Yet the other day I was watching a program from National Geographic (or something like) that showed a tribe in Africa "initiating" a 10 year old boy into a "man" by weaving these bullet ants into a glove made by plant reeds and making him wear it for 10 minutes without showing any sign of pain or discomfort. It was ridiculous, the ants were name "bullet ants" because the pain from the sting of one ant is said to be equivalent to the pain of getting shot. When the child took his hand out, it was black and most likely to be paralyzed and shake uncontrollably for days.• This just goes to show how "culturally" different and diverse cultures are……what they perceive.What is the relationship between cultural values and child maltreatment? • Four cultural values appear to result in a Protection of Children Against Maltreatment throughout the world. They are: Value of children Who is responsible for their care? Young children are not responsible for their actions And violence is disapproved of. (which I kind of question in that video I saw).• Most of us remember this incident. This is Madelyn Toogood looking around to make sure...

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