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Child Molestation Essay

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Seven year-old Katherine Smith is frolicking in her yard on a bright incandescent day when forty-three year old James Wells, a family friend, arrives at her home. Being used to him as an uncle figure she envelops him in a warm welcoming hug. Meanwhile Katherine’s parents are indoors preparing supper and have not realized James has come over. When supper is ready Katherine’s parents call her to come in for supper; however, when she does not come running in, they step out to look for her. As they walk around the house they meet their friend James and a despondent Katherine who looks frightened. Katherine’s parents invite James to stay and have supper with them and are oblivious to what James, a trusted man and friend, has done to their little girl. As the week continues, Katherine’s parents notice she is not their same ecstatic and zestful little girl; when Katherine’s parents ask her what is wrong, she finally voices the truth and reveals the horrendous act that James has committed against her and also has threatened her if she tells. Katherine’s parents immediately take her to the family doctor and their suspicions are confirmed; James, their trusted friend, has molested their seven year old little girl. However, amongst their animosity toward their friend, Katherine’s parents contact a lawyer and James is arrested three days later. In court James is convicted and sentenced to only two years in jail; nine months, later James is out of jail for good behavior and is allowed to be in public and interact with other children. Child molesters are divided into two groups: situational or preferential offenders; child molesters have many tricks to trap children in their clutches, but there are also many useful precautionary methods to protect children.
There are many myths involving child molestation that most people do not know the truths about. People tend to believe that girls are molested more than boys however offenders say they molest boys at the same frequency as girls. Some people say the offenders are identified easily; this is not true because some of the molesters may be considered, to others, as outstanding citizens and unidentifiable through psychological testing. Certain individuals think child molestation occurs only in poor uneducated groups, but no relationship has been made between child molestation and any certain group. “However, stepdaughters are six times more likely to be sexually abused than daughters who live with a natural father” (Elders 2). Girls also have a higher chance of being molested by men who are friends of their parents. Some people are misled and think women molest children as frequently as men; this is not true only ten percent of offenders are women. The worst of the myths is people believing that child molestation is not harmful. “Sexual abuse correlates with higher juvenile and adult criminal records, depression, marital problems, prostitution, running away, alcoholism and drug addiction” (Elders2). The effects...

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