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Obesity in America’s youth has become a huge problem in recent time. Schools have been trying to solve this problem but have not quite found the solution. There are a few things the schools have over looked or not changed to help the obesity problems such as, requiring more time for kids to have recess or physical education or healthier lunches for the students.
Children all over the country in our nation’s schools are falling victim to the horrible epidemic of child obesity. The problem of child obesity has always been around but at smaller numbers, only in recent years have the numbers of children with obesity spiked. According to that the percentage of children with obesity has tripled since the 1970s. Tripled is a huge jump in just 30 years. Sixteen percent of children (ages 6-19) are overweight according to . Those statistics show that there is a major problem in today’s youth. Although what is causing this problem.
This jump in the number of obese children is not just the children’s fault, no it has many causes such as schools’ programs and schools’ lunches. Schools have taken notice to this epidemic and have showed that they want to fix it although they have showed enough sense of emergency to solve this problem fully. For instance many states have put laws in place to require students to take at least one physical education class for all four years of high school. Only one? With this problem of children obesity growing I feel as if only one physical education class in a high school career is ridiculous. Also another instance of schools not showing enough care towards the problem is school lunches. States have tried to make school lunches healthier but once again they have fallen short. If children are still being able to pick fries over fruit that is why the number of obese children is growing. If society goes on ignoring this problem then the future of America will pay a major price. These obese children will turn into obese adults and fall victim to more serious diseases such as diabetes. Let us stop this problem before it grows to that point.
States are off to a good start with the laws in place to help fight against obesity in youth but have not given enough effort. According to children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Well...

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