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0'Say NO to School Bus Ads Today!

Advertisement on school busses is a horrible idea. Your thesis is explicit and clearly stated. The issue here causing controversy and debate is whether or not school busses should have ads on them. Good info bit preview. With the deaths of school children run over by non-vigilant drivers, do we really want more risk for children by adding on advertisements which could make drivers even less vigilant?! This debate is very important because there are many safety reasons that need to be addressed, and also there are so many pro’s and con’s for each side of the debate! Good info bit preview Did you know that a local parent, Megan Keller is opposed to ads on ...view middle of the document...

Second of all, ads on school busses are harmful. School busses won’t be recognizable if they’re covered in ads! This is a fair point to make. For instance, if drivers think it’s a normal bus with adults in it, they’ll stop driving cautiously near it as they would for a school bus. Good interpretation of the information. With this in mind, wouldn’t that lead to injuring a kid who is getting of the bus? Also, if drivers don’t recognize the bus, they could potentially crash into it while driving un-vigilant.

Third of all, ads on school busses are not to be tolerated! In fact, school bus ads can distract drivers. For instance, if kids are in their parents’ car and they see a school bus ad they’ll think “Oh look a school bus! Cool, it’s telling me to buy Nike shoes!” and cause commotion in the car which distracts the driver. I’m not sure though if you could prove this Natalia. If the driver’s distracted then it puts the kid and driver in much danger. Finally, school bus ads could distract the driver and cause injuries.But how? You’d have to write a more detailed explanation of how this could occur?

Fourth of all, ads are sneaky! For example, they exploit kids! Kids are easily taken advantage of, and ads on school busses take advantage of their minds, using them as an outlet to their parents. This is a fair point as well. Kids can be used just to tell their guardian about this cool thing they saw on a school bus ad, persuading them to buy it and make money for the company. Additionally, won’t kids hate being exploited? Imagine what would happen if they found out the companies were using them. An outburst of rebellion would follow, and kids would outright refuse ads. I’m not sure if this can be proved. You may want to consider a more likely scenario.
I could improve on this by not assuming as many things but instead researching some events that have happened in which school bus ads were treated negatively and stating that there instead.
Finally, ads on school busses should be downright refused! 52% of parents don’t want ads on school busses! I like how you used this text resource statement to support your position, but I’ll have to teach you to give some background on the information. For example where are these parents being polled? What kind of survey was it? Who...

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