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Child Pornography: The Fuel For Pedophiles

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According to the American Heritage Dictionary the word pornography means: Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal. The term child pornography applies for the sexual explicit material who involves minors of eighteen years of age. The human being as part of a civilized society it is meant to evolve and eradicate some kind of behaviors that make us go back as society and degrade our human nature. No matter the harshness of the punishments against the people who posses, make, distribute and so on child pornography this is something that is growing day by day and can be proved by the statistics. The enormous difference between the “regular” pornography and the child pornography it is not only the legal or illegal the moral or immoral, the people who realize and participate on those kinds of products are adults, are remunerated for what they do. In the case of child pornography the minors involved are obligated, mistreated, and sexually assaulted, some of these minor may have been kidnapped from their homes, other used by they own families to earn money in this unpleasant business. But the important point here it is the fact that the child pornography available it is the fuel for those pedophiles who are seeking innocent victims to satisfy their deviances. As society we have the power to prevent, enforce laws, monitor the internet, and take care of our little and defenseless ones of being victims of child pornography, and also we have the power to stop this illegal and rising trend that use children’s as mere objects of sexual pleasure.
According to the statistics founded on the “Women services & resources website”, Child pornography generates $3 billons annually, daily child pornography web search exceed the one hundred and sixteen thousand entrees, websites offering illegal child pornography are calculated in about one hundred and thousand. Also statistics shows that sexual solicitations to minor made in chat rooms are 89%, and youths who receive some kind of sexual solicitation in person are an estimate of 20% and this show us clearly that people are using the internet to commit illegal acts with the shield of anonymity. Between child pornography and sexual crimes against minors exist an undeniable correlation, a vicious circle when the person who develops a strong addiction to child pornography one day would commit some kind of sexual abuse to a minor who is part of his or her family or not. Some of these people usually take pictures or video of the sexual aggression against the child in order to revive the act over and over again; others use this kind of material to make a profit with it. As a clear example of this I will mention one recent case of the hundreds we can found about this topic, on the BBC news website the 26 of November 2013 they publish an article about the singer of the rock band called The Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins and who they plea...

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