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Poverty causes children to be involved in illegal things such as drugs and crime and the people that are involved in these risky behaviours are children. If parents don’t have enough money to support their child, they will be forced to steal- this is linked back to education- if you are unable to earn a decent wage because of lack of education you will be forced to commit a crime. The recent video file by Bergsma touches on this issue with in depth. Bergsma has attempted to show and explain the unawareness of child poverty through a story. The story was about a guy who named Bobby and lives in poverty. Generally, the entire story was criticized from his perspective that how he experienced ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, Scholastic Education is available for everyone, so they can get themselves a job to support their families and being rich in future than this would create the corridor for less child poverty.
Correspondingly, Forouzin’s (2010) “Broken Promises: Child poverty in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area,” argues the issue of child poverty in Canada is increasing and its impact on children's futures and society can be devastating. He also mentions that Children who are born into poverty are probably always live in poverty. Especially living with inequality and humiliation, and they are less likely with the low grades, and the influence they had in their childhood life than children who are born into rich. So, their future generation people will then have a higher chance of living in poverty and the rate of poverty will increase.

All in all, I strictly chose this topic because I have yet not had a chance to become aware with Child Poverty at least not like I would like too. I would like to find out more about the living conditions of children suffering from poverty, how child poverty came about and what is being done today to try and take an end to Child Poverty. Child poverty has in fact been around for many years. In this case, many people come up with a question why child poverty still exists in Canada. There are many reasons why child poverty still does exist today or even may exist forever. Low wages and the lack of jobs are the number solitary reason for child poverty in Canada. Alternative problem is the People that choose to overly use drugs,...

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