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Child Prostitution Essay

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Visualize a young girl about eleven years old, handcuffed to a bed in a brothel and forced to provide pleasure to many men in one night. Also, visualize this young girl living in horrible needy circumstances, after many deceitful promises of a better and healthier life. Now, imagine this girl is your own child, sister or relative. How does that feel? These are such unpleasant and horrid thoughts, but these actions are very common in the United States and throughout the world. Everyday, young girls are exploited and used to satisfy adult sexual desires without feeling guilty or ashamed. Child prostitution is a major public concern in the United States and it must stop.
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The lack of schooling and poor education has harmful and negative effects on the population and the country (Right to Education, 2010). These uneducated children are easily accessible to the offenders and they are effortlessly manipulated as well. Their parents are either no more, or do not have the ability to provide or some simply do not care. Due to the lack of right parenting, many children are uncontrolled and become victims of prostitution and other serious crimes. Therefore, it is highly important to educate the young children in order to prevent any type of offense.
There is only one growth, one power, and one answer to all problems, i.e. strategy. There are numerous strategies available in order to prevent child prostitution from happening. One of the very popular strategies is to deliver additional safety, and protection for these children in order to avoid this sexual offense. As the U.S. Department of Justice proposed in a report, the nation must act together to protect and guard the children. The general public should commit and team up with the U.S. department, in order to provide an improved and enhanced future for these young upcoming and innocent children (Barnes & Davis, 2010). It would be an exceptional opportunity for the community to act together in order to protect the nation and its children. This strategy would only be effective if each individual is willing to provide security for these children.
Another great strategy to avoid child prostitution would be providing free education to the young children. This will minimize the chances of children being on the streets, as they will be attending school full-time and will be occupied with their respective lives. With education, they will carry more awareness into their minds and will no longer be easily manipulated by these cunning criminals. Even though, the United States offers free education for children, not all countries do that. For example: In India, a high school student paid almost $4,000 in tuition for two semesters (Boulssou, 2014). Not all children are fortunate enough to be able to afford that type of money to attain an education. Therefore, the government of India and other countries must come up with an alternative to provide free education for the poor kids in order to avoid child prostitution from occurring.
Creating a networking, raising awareness, building a base of knowledge, considering the basic needs of the children, and developing an agreement for action are all the necessary steps that need to be taken to protect the children from this brutal world. The right education and assistance from the general public, including the state department can definitely place a complete stop to child prostitution. These strategies are the solution and are bound to last. If they were to be implemented, the children would have an enhanced and better future along with fresh air to breathe.
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