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Do you ever wonder if your behavioral outcome is the same as your siblings, because of the ways that your parents treated you differently from your siblings? There had been past research studies whether differential parents behavior would impact children’s behavior problems by certain types of parental aspects (Boyle, Jenkins, Georgiades, Cairney, Duku, & Racine, 2004). Other research such as Kowal (2004) looks into how children perceive parental differential treatment and how that impacts their sibling’s relationship. However, many of the research have evident of parents differential treatment on sibling’s relationship among those evident are mostly correlations findings. Thus, it is important to get a clear understanding as to what makes parents differential treatment vital to raising children.
As stated above recent studies have been done to assess the understanding of differential parental behavior on sibling’s relationship. Boyle (2004) study was focus on a family-level, where differential parent treatment would impact “children’s emotional-behavioral problems” (Boyle, Jenkins, Georgiades, Cairney, Duku, & Racine, 2004). Boyle (2004) data were gathered from 3 child development studies with specific-aged group, however, in all the participants’ age range from 3 to 16 years old. In each of the 3 studies, there were questions that assess the mother or child about internalizing/ externalizing problems and interactions. Boyle (2004) looks at many variables for his data such as external and internal problem, parents’ behavior and reports from mother and teacher about the child. There were variables such as SES, sociodemographic, which Boyle (2004) controls to be able to seek out whether parental behavior has on children at risk of behavioral problems. According to Boyle (2004) results suggest that parental...

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