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Grossman 1Nicole GrossmanMr. LaterzaEnglish 10HMay 17 2014Child Abuse and the LawThe broad topic of 'disciplining' a child has been a controversial issue since the beginning of our era. Through each decade, different forms of discipline have been developed and used towards children. There is a fine line between discipline and abuse, in which many parents unfortunately cross at the expense of their children. Whether intentional or not, abuse affects the mental stability of a child and leaves more than just bruises left behind. There are several different types of child abuse. Physical abuse is when one acts violently toward a child- including punching, kicking, biting, etc. Sexual abuse is any kind of "sexual contact between an adult and anyone younger than eighteen" (Lyness 1). Emotional abuse is when a parent constantly criticizes, threatens, and puts down a child. Finally, neglect occurs when a child is not given the necessities from their caregiver including clothing, food, bathing, housing, medical care, or proper supervision. Many children have died due to the fact that law enforcement officials have failed to recognize abusive situations that children are living in. Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime, hence it is certain that government officials must take it upon themselves to go to the greatest extents in order to protect children and prosecute abusers.Contrary to popular belief, law officials see that child abuse has gradually become a worldwide epidemic through these recent decades. Cruelty towards children was "once viewed as a minor social problem affecting only a handful of U.S children" (Child Abuse World of Health 2). However, it has been proven that abuse can come from all walks of life despite any racial or religious stereotypes. The problem recently has been gaining 'national awareness'. References say that "more than three million victims of alleged abuse are reported to Child Protective Services (CPS) each year" (Child Abuse World of Health 1). This statistic is too high, hence the need for several programs to be established to protect children from such harm. Law officials have failed to recognize that "67 percent of parents of children under age 2 have used physical punishment" (Krugman/Lane 1). This fact alone is enough to expose the ugly truth of abuse to the court and law system and its workers. Take one example in which three years ago, a small four year old girl was abused to death by her mother in Brooklyn, NY. Marchella-Bret Pierce was tied to her little bed and beaten by her mother on several occasions. She was also starved frequently as well. The child protective services workers who were aware of Marchella's situation before her death were fired because they did not notice the neglect that the young child was enduring in the first place. The ongoing court case got much attention through social media however this past week, the child protective services workers agreed to "plead guilty to misdemeanor...

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2817 words - 11 pages , C., Woldeyohannes, H. O., Moon, S., & Kennedy, S. H. (2008). The relationship between childhood abuse and suicidality in adult bipolar disorder. Violence And Victims, 23(3), 361-372. doi:10.1891/0886-6708.23.3.361 Meyers, John E.B. (2008). Family Law Quartely. 42(3). dam/aba/publishing/ insights_law_society/ChildProtectionHistory.authcheckdam.pdf National Research Council. (2013).Etiology of Child

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1206 words - 5 pages Introduction Child abuse and neglect is a widespread and on going problem in today’s world. Preventing child abuse is vital in keeping the next generation and future generations from repeating previous childhood lifestyles. Being a current resident in Florida, the presence of child abuse and neglect is unfortunately high. This is not only concerning for the state of Florida, but also for the rest of the world. There needs to be more awareness

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2526 words - 10 pages Child abuse in America is an ongoing problem and something needs to be done. There are approximately one million children abused annually in the United States. (Table 339) Cases of child abuse and neglect are reported every ten seconds, and researchers believe that there’s three times that amount that goes unnoticed. (Child Abuse: Know the Signs and Stop the Violence Against Children.) Something needs to be done for these children who are too

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