Child Raising Amound Same Sex Couples

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Adam Liptak, a journalist for the New York Times, explained in Utah, in Opposing Gay Marriage, Find Three Arguments are Better than One why a heterosexual relationship is better for raising children in. The Utah law that would have allowed same sex couples to marry was recently shot down. Liptak goes on to explain why he agrees with the bill not being passed. The article states that this was important in “holding up and encouraging man-woman unions as the ‘preferred’ arrangement in which to raise children” (Liptak, 2014, para. 12). This discrimination towards same sex couples wanting to raise children is appalling. Homosexual couples should have the right to raise children just as ...view middle of the document...

Research confirms that there are no negative social effects for children raised by a loving and supportive homosexual couple.
Liptak painted children from homes of homosexual parents as if at a disadvantage. Under this argument people who are disabled, poor, uneducated, and those of ethnic and cultural minorities would also be under a disadvantage. It would be absurd to encourage these groups to be prevented from marrying in order to stop them from raising children who might be placed at a disadvantage. Just as denying these groups the right to marriage would be discriminatory and unconstitutional, so is denying same sex couples the right to marry for these reasons.
One common argument against adoption for same-sex couples is the belief that the child is better off with one father and one mother, as the article depicts. Contrary to belief, the studies do not support this. A stable and healthy family environment is a much better option than the harsh foster care system. Adoption is not about finding families a child, but instead finding families for children in need of a home. The number of children in need of homes is steadily increasing. There are over 163 million orphans in the world without any type of parental figure. There are currently over 395,000 children in the foster care system in America according to the Child Welfare Information Gateway (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2013). There are so many children in dire need of a home. We should not deny children of a loving and supportive environment just because the couple is of the same sex. Good parenting is not influenced by sexual orientation but rather, it is most profoundly influenced by a parent’s ability to create nurturing home environment. The number of children being adopted or being taken care of in foster care would increase if homosexual couples were allowed to marry and raise children.
From an economic standpoint, allowing homosexual couples to adopt...

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