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Child Safeguarding Essay

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This assignment will discuss “Amie’s case study” and will explore some of the risks that she is exposed too and how they can have effect on her welfare. I will start by defining what is child safeguarding centred on the legislation framework of the Children Act 2004. I will also look on what is abuse and naming types of abuse, and establish the knowledge and understanding of Assessment Framework in Amie’s case. I will also look at multi-professional strategies that can provide help and protect Amie and her siblings according to legal legislation.

Safeguarding is for everyone and every organisation responsibility to protect children from any harm and promote their welfare (Children Act, 2004). However, the Department of Children, School and Families (2013), states that safeguarding and promoting of children welfare is a practice to protect a child from abuse or neglect either in a current or later situation that can prevent impairment of their health and wellbeing and development, it also ensures that children grow up in a dependable circumstance with the provision of safe and effective care which will enable them to achieve a full potential of adult life. In addition, it also covers the “children in need” under section 17 of the Children Act 1989, which distinguishes them as disabled or vulnerable children that are unable to attain a health and wellbeing development, without the provision of services. The children Act 2004, it helps to deliver a legal framework to different services so that they can work together to promote the children welfare.

Child abuse is a tragic problem and is referred as a way of maltreatment of a child, whereby someone does something to a child that is not supposed to be done, which can be physically injury, emotionally distress, sexually abuse and neglect abuse according to (Lindon and Lindon, 2003). In many cases according to Doyle (2006), children and young children are more dominant to abuse than the older children, and most of the children abuser could be relatives, close friends or parents. Children who have been abused are likely to be affected in their adulthood, some having depression, antisocial behaviours, and unable to sustain relationship according to (NICE, 2013). However, it is very important for all the professionals working with children to be able to recognise the signs of abuse, what is abuse and how the effects of abuse can affect children in their lives. In Amie’s case she is going through some of the abuse, and she is 4 years old and the youngest of four children and she lives with her mother and father (Mr and Mrs Newton).

Physical abuse involves hitting, kicking, poisoning, burning and shaking or causing harm to a child, and it can occur when parents fabricate symptoms, or purposely induces illness to a child (DfES, 2010). According to National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Children (NSPCC) (2013), explains that when parents are caring for children can sometimes be a struggle,...

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