Child Sexual Abuse (Csa): Egregious Child Exploitation

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The articles discuss the risk and protective factors of child human trafficking and child sexual exploitation, suggesting that child abuse assessments and treatments should be modified to reflect child trafficking victims due to the victim’s subjective experiences. According to Fong and Cardoso (2010), internationally, each year 1 to 2 million children are trafficked, with an average age of 13 to 14 years old. Children who are at higher risk for trafficking coupled with prostitution are likely runaways and within the foster system (Fong & Cardoso, 2010). In an effort to crack down on child trafficking and sexual exploitation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) opened offices in ...view middle of the document...

Having funds readily available may permit for the expediting of services to take place for obvious cases of human trafficking. This comes under the notion that the individual conducting the intake is competent in determining of whether or not the victim meets eligibility. In the state of Florida, screening for child sexual exploitation is conducted during intake, and, as a result, has identified cases of human trafficking (Fong & Cardoso, 2010). Greater competence of the intake employee can be achieved by providing frequent in-services on how to better assess individuals during intake.
The infiltration of human trafficking and child prostitution rings may serve as a valuable operation. By conducting undercover operations, it allows for removal of the burden of the victim to “give-up” the pimp or trafficker. In turn, it provides the law enforcing agent a direct account of the illegal operation. For example, the agent might observe coercive, physical, and unwanted sexual behaviors of the perpetrator onto the child victim. It may also allow the direct observation of any other forceful activities experienced by the victim by the perpetrator.
According to Fong and Cardoso (2010) child sexual abuse comes in many forms; however, some forms of child sexual abuse does not qualify a child victim for services provided by the child protection agency. To reap the...

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