Child Soldiers: A Worldwide Scourge By Jo Becker

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Needless to say writing is a crucial part to our everyday lives. Writing takes part in many of our daily activities from reading the news on our phones as we order our morning coffee, to the book you read before you nod off for the evening, from the e-mails and facebook messages you send to co-workers friends and family, to the essays you write for classes you are in. The numerous different devices you can use to portray yourself are endless and allow for seamless opportunities to segue in and out of your thoughts and opinions. However; while writing may seem a simple task at times it can be mentally strenuous, forcing you to think two steps ahead just so you may make one, and unfortunately not all essays meet the expectations of others. One essay that does an exceptionally well job of weaving its words together well and using numerous devices to help get its argument across is “Child Soldiers: A Worldwide Scourge” by Jo Becker.
Becker starts off her essay by bringing light to the justice brought to Thomas Lubanga, a Congolese warlord who was found guilty of the capturing and militarization of children that is causing turmoil in certain parts of the world (Becker 430). By stating these facts Becker appeals to our Pathos, or our emotions and personal values. Child Militarization is widely viewed as a negative ideation, so by stating those facts Becker has already gained our attention because we feel justice has been served. At this point we are reeled in and curious as to where the rest of this essay goes because of our satisfaction of the results from Lubanga’s trial. She then goes on to refer to “Kony 2012”, a viral video that due to the millions of hits it had received put Joseph Kony, another commander of a rebel army who abducted nearly thirty thousand kids on the map (Becker 430). Due to the success of the video a warrant was issued for Kony’s arrest (Becker 430). The mentioning of this video is meant to illustrate the power that normal citizens can have. It instills a pride and sense of achievement to the average joe. Becker, who already has the reader on the ropes then begins to point out three of the worlds largest contributors to the militarization of children. She calls out Kony, Lubanga, and Charles Taylor and refers to them as “...the three most infamous child soldier recruiters...“ (Becker 430). By stating this Becker gives a face and image for her readers to aim their hate towards, and before letting them run rampant and forming an opinion she solidifies their villainous nature by stating other atrocities performed by child abductors, Things such as childhood soldiers as young as 11 (Becker 431). At this point Becker has supplied enough evidence to let the readers form an opinion on their own and be comfortable with the outcome. However; Instead of playing this situation as a foreign affair she points out our own flaws in our country in these affairs, She states “The United States, for example, continues to provide military...

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