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Child Soldiers/Suicide Bombers: The Brave And Courageous

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Children are usually viewed as young people that do not have very much to think about, or have much responsibility. That is not the case for these individuals. In fact, child soldiers/suicide bombers are almost the exact opposite. A child soldier is defined as “anyone under the age of 18 who is part of any kind of regular or irregular armed force or armed group in any capacity” (Human Rights). They are put through hardship in which they do not deserve. Kids should not have these images in their head this young. They should not have to go through this abuse either. Children are abused and mistreated all around the world, and child soldiers/suicide bombers are one of the worst circumstances.
First of all the child soldiers/suicide bombers are located in many different continents all around the world. The majority is based in the Middle East and Africa: Burma, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Congo, Liberia, and also Sierra Leone (British Broadcasting Corporation World Watch). Being poor, disconnected from their families, or get a poor to no education make them more likely to become victims (Human Rights Watch). Girls make up an estimated 10-30% of the child soldiers in Uganda and Nepal (Do Something). Some join because they are too young to realize the consequences that war may bring upon them, and want to be a part of the army because of the weapons they use and uniforms they wear. Being bathed, fed, and properly clothed is another reason for them wanting to be a part of these groups, in which they would not receive during their every-day lives (British Broadcasting Corporation World Watch). The children that survive the war are captured by the rebel groups and are then converted into child soldiers, along with the kids who had just fought in the war (Human Rights Watch).
After that is the daily tasks they are forced to accomplish every day. The children have to do a wide range of activities, in which they do not deserve. Preparing food is one of the easiest tasks they take on in which they not only have to cook the food, but also to serve it to their elders (Human Rights Watch). Guarding camp is one of the repetitive jobs consisting of the kids waiting at the front of the camp for hours at a time just waiting or an intruder to come near by, which does not happen very often (Human Rights Watch). The worst of the acts are the ones that actually take place during war. Technology has increased the rate of child soldiers, for the reason that the guns are getting lighter and simpler so that the kids are able to maneuver the weaponry (Do Something). The sickest job in my opinion is getting the kids to...

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