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Child Support Positve And Negative Influence On Families

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Child support is a regular payment of a child whose parents or legal guardians that are being separated either by divorce or relationship. The person who usually pays for child support is usually fathers. It is mostly likely been agreed by the court or the couple in general that the mother will take care of the child and the father will still be in the picture but the child won’t reside with him unless stated by the court. Whoever the child is residing with the other parent usually pays for child support in some cases that might not be true, but it most cases it is. The parent with the higher income usually plays a factor with who will provide child support. Most child support payment plans ...view middle of the document...

An article written by a family law attorney, if you don’t pay child support you can end up in jail, be prosecuted criminally and be put into jail for criminal offense, end up paying more, have your driver’s license suspended and you cannot obtain a U.S. passport (Hawes, 2011). The minimal age requirement for a parent to end child support is that the child has to be eighteen years old and is still not in high school.
In New York, if you are paying child support you are responsible for paying child support till the child is twenty-one years old. It does not matter if you live with the child or not. In New York, to figure out how much child support is a person able to afford is they find out your total gross income and then make deductions. Deductions would include social security, Medicare and Yonkers tax. The percentages for a child would be seventeen percent and for two children it would be twenty-five percent ("NYS DCSE | Non-Custodial Parent Information", 2014). The consequences for not paying child support in the state of New York according to, is you can take away any business, professional and recreational license, have them pay in advance, go to jail for six months or be put on probation("The Basics: Getting Child Support IN New York State",2013).
As you can see both states have many differences and similarities regarding to child support. Some similarities would include that both states when...

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