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Child Who Never Grew Essay

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“Every now and again I see in the newspapers the report of a man or woman who has put to death a mentally defective child. My heart goes out to such a one. I understand the love and despair which prompted the act.” Pearl Buck understood that act, for her daughter Carol was mentally retarded. She shares her experiences of raising a child who would never grow to be self sufficient. Pearl shares her thoughts and feelings ...view middle of the document...

The adjustment was a difficult one for both Carol and Pearl.
Today, we have learned much more about mental deficiencies largely due to the children who lived in the institutions. The employees of the homes worked to help the children grow by teaching them the same way as ‘normal’ children. It took longer for the children to learn but could strive to be productive members of society. Through the research at facilities like the one Carol was in, the Binet Test and the Social Maturity Scale was developed. The Binet test was an IQ test used to gauge intelligence. The Social Maturity Scale assessed social competence. These institutions spent their time learning from the children, looking for ways to prevent, cure maximize the possibilities to those who face mental retardation.
The institution Pearl mentions mentioned happiness comes first then everything else will follow. My classroom will strive to make a safe and happy environment for all students no matter their academic or social skills. This book made me realize that as a teacher I can not foresee the situations I will encounter. I will have to learn and adapt differently for every student that I will have. I need to be an advocate for my students to make sure they are...

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