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Child With Exceptionalities In The Classroom

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The reason I choose Cerebral Palsy is because I had a close friend in high school with this often times misunderstood disorder. Cerebral Palsy disabled him in such a horrific manner that he had no use of his body from the neck down. He also battled with a speech impediment so most times it was hard to understand what he was trying to say unless you have been around him as long as I had. I recall some of the ignorance he faced around other students and teachers. They would laugh and mock they way he moved and talked while passing him in the hallway. His reaction was usually avoidance but how angry I became when hearing them calling him retarded and making stuttering gestures. I can remember seeing the tears flowing down his cheeks as one classmate said “look at that deformed couple” as they walked by the two of us in the hall as we were changing classes. I quickly told him do not pay them any attention, they were just ignorant and needed better home training. He smiled a little but you could tell that he was still deeply saddened by the remarks.
I also encountered teachers acting as if they were afraid to approach him let alone show any signs of wanting to teach him in their classroom. The reason for their reactions in my opinion was a lack of receiving proper education to educate a student like my friend with that type of disability. So that is why I feel it is very important for teachers to be properly educated and trained in order to assist children with or without disabilities inside an inclusive setting of a classroom. This will also prepare teachers to be able to create activities and proper curriculum that is age appropriate for each student. Every student should and can feel welcome inside and outside of the classroom without being judged based on their disabilities. As a result, the choice I made for my research paper is very personal to me because seeing what my friend went through I would not want any adult or child to endure in his or her lifetime.
Explanation of Disability
Cerebral Palsy (CP) is defined as a group of non-progressive, but very often changing motor impairment syndromes. They come second to lesions or irregularities in movement which is mainly the direct result of brain damage during the early stages of child birth or soon after (Schendel#, D. E., Schuchat, A., & Thorsen, P. 2002). It is the most common neuromotor developmental disability found in the early stages of childhood. This disability has been found to prevent individuals with CP to have properly functioning speech patterns, body movements, communication ability, and gestures. CP affects muscle movement but it is not caused by problems in the muscles or the nerves. It is caused by abnormalities in parts of the brain that controls muscle movements. Cerebral Palsy is a lifelong disability and this ability is known to affect the quality of a person diagnosed with CP including their family members and caregivers. Children may experience moderate to severe...

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