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Childcare Quality: Does It Matter? Essay

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Parents are always questioning whether they would like to have any more children someday. One of the aspects parents think about in this decision is child care. Child care can be pricey and the quality of the child care is also something to think about as well. Parents want their child to grow up and become very successful in life. Choosing a daycare from infant on, is part of the process to becoming successful as they grow. For one to add on to the family they need to think about the quality of child care, the price of child care, and attention of care: how their child will be raised. High-quality child care should be provided at public expense to all working parents!
The quality of child care is very important to think about when choosing a facility for your child to attend. How good are the facilities? Will they be learning and introduced to new things? What are the emergency plans? What is the daily schedule like? These are all questions to consider for the quality of care your child will be receiving. LifeSkills newsletter from University of California states that “Children in high quality care are better able to get along with their peers, have better language skills, and are more successful in school than children in poor quality child care” (University of California, 2000/2001, para 1). Where your child is going to be taken care of is a very important decision. When choosing the right place, parents should consider all options. Whether the state or you are going to be paying for the child care, the quality of the responsibility of your child is worth paying for. If a child is receiving higher quality supervision, then the working parent may be able to be more productive at work. If a parent had placed their child in a lower quality child center, then the parent may be very worrisome at work. If they knew the quality of their child care is superb, then they should not have to worry as much at work about their child/children.
The price of child care is one of the details that parents must consider in choosing their child care. BabyCenter states “The average cost of center-based daycare in the United States is $11,666 per year ($972 a month), but prices range from $3,582 to $18,773 a year ($300 to $1,564 monthly), according to the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) (BabyCenter 2014).” A lot of the lower-class working minority, have to rely on family-based child care due to the cost of the average daycare. These people usually do not have to pay as much, but the child/children do not get as good of quality care such as the children that are in high-quality facilities. There are very few jobs that offer a percentage of child care subsidy to an employee; so, that helps a little on ones’ budget but not much. There are also programs that help people pay for child care, such as the military and subsidies from the government. Depending on the daycare, the sliding scale fee is usually more...

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