Childhood And Tragedies Essay

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Jacob Santa Cruz

Jacob Santa Cruz Santa Cruz 1

9 March 2010

Descriptive Narrative

The Childhood and Tragedies of Jacob

Philadelphia is a big city and most of life is lived in the heart of the city. Most of the population is stationed in Center City. In Phoenix, life is very different. Most of the population here lives outside downtown. People are very spread out and live at different parts of Phoenix. Philadelphia is the complete opposite. Philadelphia is where I grew up and miss it deeply. Childhood in a city such as Philadelphia is an experience that is unique and interesting, but had its ups and downs.

The big city of Philadelphia is something I will never forget. People my age have a hard time remembering events that went on throughout their childhood, but there were events that were unforgettable. Growing up in an environment where crime was around the corner every single minute of your day. The things I went through have made me the person I am today. Sports weren't really big when I was a child. In order to fit in, you had to do the bad things that kids your age were doing. I played all the sports in the middle of the street and learned by myself. I would get picked on, beat up, robbed, and shot at. Events like those really taught me to grow up as a man and learn to defend myself. Moving to Phoenix was probably the best thing that could have happened to my family and I.

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Phoenix was a city that I fell in love with the second I moved down here. The weather was great, people were actually nice, the day wasn't always a rush, and the neighborhood was full of nice people and kids my age. I was about 12 years old when I moved down here and loved the kids I played with. I wasn't afraid to go out and play and fear getting beat up by the older kids. Phoenix gave my brother and I a chance to practice the game of football freely and really excel in our talents.

Freshman year of high school was my first time ever playing on an organized football team. I had an idea of how to play the game but had to use my talent to make up for the mental aspect of the game. Our first game came around and we won. I was told by everyone that watched that game that I need to focus on football and let it take me very far. I had no idea that I could use football to get my college paid for. I took everyone's advice and worked very hard at trying to become great. I ended up making varsity my sophomore year, which was very rare at our school. I wasn't very confident going into a higher level of experience and being so young did not help. I didn't get to play in the first game of the season and was very mad. I asked coach before the second game to give me a chance to prove to everyone that I can do it. During the second quarter of the second game, he called my number and told me to prove myself. The quarterback called the play and I knew that the ball was coming my way. I was more ready for this play than I had...

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