Childhood Cancer Awareness Essay

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Everyone knows what the type of cancer pink represents. But do you know what cancer the color gold stands for? Some people think that childhood cancer is rare, and some don’t even know that children get cancer. Some people think that the current funding for childhood cancer is appropriate for the number of cases. But in reality, every three minutes an innocent child dies from cancer. Not only that, but all childhood cancers combined get a very small portion of awareness and funding. With hardly any funding, the kids can’t get the medicines and drugs that they need to fight cancer. In order to get the funding that is so badly needed, awareness is extremely important. With less than four percent of all government cancer funding, children with cancer need our voice to help them get the funding and awareness that they need.
Too many kids die from cancer each year for childhood cancer to go so unnoticed. So exactly how “rare” is childhood cancer? Every three minutes, somewhere in this world a child will die from cancer (About Childhood Cancer). In fact, cancer is the number one killer of kids in the United States. Cancer will take more kids than AIDs, muscular dystrophy, asthma, and cystic fibrosis combined (A Dozen Awareness Facts). Although there are more adults than children diagnosed with cancer per year, a child who dies to cancer will pay a greater price. When an adult dies of cancer, on average they will lose about ten to twenty years of life. But when a young child dies of cancer, they lose an average of seventy to eighty years of life. Not only that, these children are being robbed of their childhood. These children should be playing outside and learning to read and write, not being poked, prodded, poisoned with treatments and going through surgery after surgery. This isn’t fair to these suffering children. These children that are our country’s future, the children that have their whole lives full of dreams and opportunities ahead of them. So now with childhood cancer on the rise, it’s time for us to be the voice to get these kids more funding to get the new treatments that they desperately need.
While the amount of kids getting cancer is rising, the number of new cancer treatments being developed should not be declining. Every year since 2003, funding for childhood cancer has declined (Childhood Cancer Facts). So in order to increase funding for childhood cancer, awareness is crucial. If no one knows the facts and statistics about this childhood monster, why would people want to help fund it? The truth is, adult cancers get about ninety-six percent of government cancer research funding. That leaves only four percent of all funding for childhood cancers (Filling the Funding Gap). Do you think that it's acceptable that adults with cancer are worth ninety-six percent and children with cancer are worth only four? Since childhood cancer gets so little funding, researchers aren’t able to develop effective treatments for...

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