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Childhood Correlations Of Healthy Adult Relationships

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Monica Del Toro. (2012). The Influence of Parent-Child Attachment on Romantic Relationships.
Toro focuses on the significance of the relationship between parent and child and how parent styles are important in the developments of future romantic relationships. The author emphasizes to the general audience the importance of understanding parent-child attachments and the influences it has on potential future relationships because it demonstrates how significant a parents role is in influencing the welfare in their children’s future relationships. Toro attempts to convince that by understanding the importance of parent-child attachments and its influences, the knowledge ...view middle of the document...

Study one was performed to develop a more accurate scale to measure attachment and to develop an understanding of the adult attachment styles. Study two was carried to analyze specific aspects of working models by evaluating notions about self, the social world, and romantic love. Study three had the purpose of exploring the relations among attachment styles, partner choice, and relationship attributes in couples that were dating. The authors aim to appeal to social psychologist, in that they should intertwin reach and the development theory to their further study of adult relationships and emphasize that to fully understand adult relationships we must intend to analyze how they influenced by models people hold about themselves and others and how the models are shaped by personal, early experience. The studies designed are limited to bias because studies evaluated both men and women subjects and urged that cautioned should be taken when analyzing results because scores on the Adult Attachment Scale may have been determined by the subject’s current relationship and not usual experience. Studies results demonstrate a correlation between parent-child attachment and adult relationships and how they influence in shaping expectations and notions of love relationships.

Hazan, C., & Shaver, P. (1987). Romantic love conceptualized as an attachment process. Journal
Of Personality and Social Psychology, 52, 511-524
Hazan and Shaver significantly explore the subject matter of romantic love is conjured by an attachment process and different attachment styles.The primary focus and purpose of the study is to investigate the likelihood the attachment theory offers a novel perspective on adult romantic love. They aim to propose to the general audience that because of the diversity in people’s attachment histories, people will experience romantic love differently. The authors assume that no one has explored the likelihood that the specific parent-child relationships, that is derived from Ainsworth research, is the possible causes of infant attachment styles of which later determines the result of adults’ romantic styles. The authors greatly emphasize the degree to which attachment-related...

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