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The subject of this paper has been difficult to decide upon until a compelling, entertaining and moving story came to light. Friday, November 15, 2013, the entire city of San Francisco pulled together to give a child his wish, according to the Associated Press in many national news reporting agencies. The Make-A-Wish Foundation, is a “charitable organization founded in the United States that grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy”, (Wikipedia, 2013). This time the Foundation out did itself by fulfilling the wish of 5-year-old, Miles Scott, by turning the city of San Francisco, CA into Gotham City for the better part of a day to let Leukemia survivor Miles become “Batkid”!, (USA Today, 2013).
This was no ordinary “playing dress up” for the young leukemia survivor. This “make believe” fantasy, from the super hero lover 5-year-old, reached from the President of the United States, Barak Obama all the down to the actors hired to play the loathsome Riddler and Joker. According to the press, the entire city took part to make Miles’ wish be not only fulfilling but also phenomenal.
Batkid was first called to action by the Police Chief Greg Suhr, and then went on to fight crime with an adult Batman impersonator by rescuing a damsel in distress from the cable car tracks and defusing a bomb. The United States Attorney General, Melinda Haag, then notified Batkid that there was an “indictment” charging the Riddler and the Penguin with conspiracy and she needed Batkid’s help to bring them to justice. Miles went on to a bank robbery in progress where he captured the Riddler. The mini superhero then needed to save the San Francisco Giants mascot, “Lou Seal” from the Penguin. Every adventure the caped duo tackled they rode in a mock Bat Mobile with police escort and thousands of San Francisco residents lining the streets to cheer on their hero. Even President Obama got into the act by sending a video recording that stated, “Way to go, Miles! Way to save Gotham!” (Elias & Thanawala, 2013).
The boy super hero finished his day by going to City Hall to receive the key to the city, an FBI “raid jacket” and a San Francisco Police Department ball cap. Miles’ family was awarded $10,000.00 from an unnamed clothing company and the Mayor of the city, Ed Lee, proclaimed November 15, 2013 to be Batkid Day forever!
The success of this entire adventure was all completed with empathy and a whole lot of care. The incredible participation by many high-ranking officials seems warranted for the young Miles, who was diagnosed with leukemia at 18-months-old and battled the disease to arrive in remission in June of 2013 at age 5.
Childhood Leukemia, ((loo-ke' me-a) leuk = white, emia = blood condition), (Rice, p. 341), does not differ a great deal from adult leukemia, except for, “Leukemia is often described as being either acute (fast growing) or chronic (slow growing). Almost all childhood leukemia...

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