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Childhood Obesity Essay

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In 2012 CDC statistics show that “over 35 percent of adults and 32 percent of children in the United States of America are recorded as obese (30kg/m2), the obesity rate has doubled since 1971.1” Not only is epidemic growing in numbers of victims but also in expenses. The United States spent 147 billion dollars in 2008 on medical expenses costs and that does not include the programs that fight against the problem. “In 2003 over 300,000 died due to obesity related health problems, diseases and cancers.6” One of the most important battles we wage on American soil is the war for citizens to be fit, and it nearly always starts in the childhood. Since 1971 the problem of childhood and adult ...view middle of the document...

Other than programs, there are many things that the population can do as individuals and families. This growing epidemic has taken its toll for long enough and America is moving to stop obesity in its origins.
“ In 1963 to 1971 child obesity rates were at an even 4-5 percentage, then the percentage gradually rose from 71 to 2003 by 20 percent. Then in one decade the percentage of obesity rate rose by 15 percent to an overall high of 35 percent (See Appendix A)12.1” These victims fall to the obese population from many different things generally lack of exercise and poor unhealthy diets. If you notice that as technology arises in advancements, so does the child and adult obese population. This is due to children staying indoors to play games, watch television or use the computer instead of exercising and playing outdoors. The severity of this problem has increased numbers of obese population significantly, this is because active play has been supplanted by technology. Children ages eight to fourteen watch an average of 3-6 hours a day of television (See Appendix B)11, this is after school and generally is cut short by dinner, that leaves most of the day not doing physical activities . Not only has children’s activity habits changed since thirty years ago, but also their diets. “Nearly 400,000 people die each year of obesity related health problems and those problems near to always begin at a young age of poor diets.8” There is a very small market for healthy organic foods, a decent market for healthy foods but are generally replacing natural ingredients with GMO’s, and a dominating market for processed and junk food’s. Children eat unhealthy foods because the parents find that this satisfies the child, is cheap and a quick or no time to make. Fast food has made there food quick, good tasting and affordable for children. The fast food industry and other markets have been targeting children in advertisements, beginning a long term consumer.
Remember the Mighty Kids Meal and Ronald McDonalds kids toys (See Appendix C)14, these are the most classic invitations for children to fast food, not to mention the Playland. Children as young as three years old in America eat fast food weekly, even daily because its cheap and everywhere. “The average child in 2014 watches 44.5 hours of television a week on average and during that period they see repetitive exposure to fast food advertising (See Appendix B)11.5” Seeing these repeatedly shown influences the childs product preference and request it from the parents. In a sense children are being brainwashed into buying their products by happy advertising with toys and play lands. The fast food industry uses this method a to create long term consumers from an early age and this works. Many Americans grow up with fast food as an option for breakfast, lunch or dinner and carry that option to their children. Fast food has one of the biggest effects on childhood obesity because of the unhealthy food options...

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